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observed countless people from all walks of life in real-life high-pressure situations. I’ve been amazed by how people handle themselves — both good and bad — and that is something to learn from. I also get to observe the other lawyers at work. When I was starting out, I paid close attention to the presentations of the veteran attorneys. I admired how they argued a point but knew that their particular style was not for me and that I would have to come up with my own. I have gotten to know many of them and have had many discussions regarding arguing a case. A mentor can be someone you barely know or someone you’ve known your whole life. Having people in your life you can learn from, even if it's just little things, helps a lot. Everyone and anyone can be a teacher. If you have one mentor in life you really look up to, that’s great, but I think having many mentors is just as important. You need mentors for the different parts of your life, such as one for your work life and one for your personal life. Understanding that you don’t learn from just one person keeps your mind open. I’m very willing to see what others can do better than me or mistakes they’ve made that I can watch out for and grow from. If I had been the oldest in my family, I probably would’ve had a different life because I’d be taking that first step instead of learning from those around me before making a decision. I was pretty lucky. I got to look before I leapt. –Neil Crowley “Everyone and anyone can be a teacher. If you have one mentor in life you really look up to, that’s great, but I think having many mentors is just as important. ”

HAVING MANY MENTORS Allows You to Learn a Little Bit of Everything

an area of law that did not fit my personality, which would have been terrible for me.

Throughout my life, I’ve never thought about having just one mentor. As you progress in life, you tend to pick up bits and pieces here and there from all the people you meet. I’ve learned a lot from many individuals — friends, family, clients, former bosses, and other lawyers. It's hard to say that I have just one mentor when I’ve been influenced by so many. When I was growing up, many of the people in my neighborhood were older than me, and I was the youngest of four boys. I always wanted to tag along with my older brothers. I would sit back and watch what they would do before I stepped forward. In this way, I learned from their mistakes and successes, so when I finally took action for myself, I had a better idea of what to do. In law school, I took clinical courses where I was able to practice law as a student under the supervision of an attorney. By handling actual cases, I was able to decide what area of law I wanted to pursue and which area I definitely did not. Without that experience, I may have pursued

One of the clients I had was a therapist, and he talks about being “your best you,” and says that if you try to be someone else, you’ll never be comfortable. This really hit home for me. I think it's essential to be yourself and not force yourself to be anyone else. Everyone experiences life differently — people go down their own paths and experience unique struggles. I have a lot of family in Ireland, and every time I visit them, I notice that they act just like me. Going through life, there is this pressure to be a certain way or follow in someone’s footsteps, but you don’t have to. Seeing my family exhibit the same characteristics I do makes me realize how important it is to be yourself throughout your life. Court is another place where I learn from people. As someone who has spent a thousand hours in court waiting for my cases to be called, I have


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