E M B R Y- R I D D L E A E R O N A U T I C A L U N I V E R S I T Y


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University drives efficiencies using data from across the aviation ecosystem: infrastructure, aircraft sensors, maintenance, weather, air traffic and passengers. We consult with manufacturers, airlines, UAS fleets, leasing operations and MROs to reduce costs, maximize utilization while improving safety and optimizing the supply chain. We can help the industry analyze data, score and rank processes and re-engineer processes and ecosystems to achieve measurable benefits, such as:

30-40 %

/// Automatically coding maintenance discrepancies and corrective actions performed on fleet /// Increasing aircraft availability using data from OEMs and fleets to drive predictive maintenance /// Minimizing downtime and delays by using data to improve supply chain management /// Reducing fuel consumption, time, emissions and noise by identifying efficient algorithms for aircraft trajectory optimization in the air traffic system /// Fusing comprehensive safety data through information acquired from various sources such as safety reports, in-flight telemetry, air traffic surveillance and weather data /// Analyzing trends so lessors realize better cash flow across the life cycle of their assets /// Optimizing network, fleet and workforce operations /// Enhancing corporate value by creating optimal hedging strategies for fuel, currency and risk /// Acquiring operational service insights from customer data /// Maximizing revenue by combining variable pricing and inventory management methods

Projected increase of aircraft availability powered by big data

42 %

Flights delayed by mismanaged, airline- controlled processes (Source: IATA)

Embry-Riddle leadership in mining aviation safety data 50 + YRS

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