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Dipping & Infused Oils

white truffle A savory blend of truffles, shallots and extra virgin olive oil. Delicious drizzled over french fries, mashed potatoes, mushroom pasta, or roasted root veggies! $20 250ml Bottle [1165] Roasted GARLIc ROSEMARy Roasted garlic, rosemary, a blend of herbs and spices, and just a bit of Dijon mustard infuse our extra virgin olive oil

THYME Extra virgin olive oil infused with thyme. A light, herbaceous oil, wonderful in risotto, as a finishing oil for pasta, or as the base for a marinade! $20 250ml Bottle [15THY250B] FRESH GARLIC Extra virgin olive oil infused with fresh garlic, a match made in heaven. This oil exudes fresh garlic and is the perfect choice for a marinade, dipping oil or salad dressing! $20 250ml Bottle [GAR250B] ROSEMARY - NEW! Extra virgin olive oil infused with dried rosemary. This beautifully aromatic oil will enhance the flavors in any dish. Our Rosemary Olive Oil is perfect as the base of a marinade, dipping oil, or simply drizzled over roasted vegetables! $20 250ml Bottle [15ROS250B] SAGE - NEW! Extra virgin olive oil infused with dried sage. Use this fragrent oil to add an earthy quality to your cuisine. Use this oil with any recipes that include sage to really highlight the flavor of the herb! $20 250ml Bottle [15SAG250B] BAY LEAF - NEW! Extra virgin olive oil infused with dried bay leaves. Use this subtle floral oil to add a warm, herbal quality to your dishes. This oil is ideal for braising meats or making stews, BASIL - NEW! Extra virgin olive oil infused with dried basil. This oil can be used to add a subtle, sweet and fresh flavor to your cooking. Drizzle over pasta salads, roasted tomatoes, or to finish a steak! $20 250ml Bottle [15BAS250B] stocks, and soups of any kind! $20 250ml Bottle [15BAY250B]

to the point of perfection! $20 250ml Bottle [1163]

Ginger Lime A unique blend of olive oil, brown rice vinegar, tamari, lime juice, ginger and a touch of honey. It is perfect for Asian-inspired dishes! $20 250ml Bottle [238]

Basil ParmesaN A blend of extra virgin olive oil, basil, parmesan cheese, garlic, walnuts, and seasonings. This is a liquid pesto! $20 250ml Bottle [1155]

hot chili Extra virgin olive oil with roasted chiles, paprika, red chili flakes, and a touch of cumin. Give this spicy blend a try! $20 250ml Bottle [837]

DIPPER COLLECTION For the lover of dipping oils. Basil Parmesan Dipping Oil (250ml) Garlic Rosemary Dipping Oil (250ml) Hot Chili Dipping Oil (250ml) Ginger Lime Dipping Oil (250ml) $82 [D]

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