Case Barnett Law - B2C - June 2019


JUNE 2019

AN AURA OF JOY A few years ago, Nicole and I were attending a marketing conference, ready to take the first steps to bring our firm to the next level. There, we got some of the best advice we’ve ever heard: Before you start marketing hard, look inward and make sure you don’t have any holes in your bucket. addition to the firm. Christina had her daughter while going through law school, and that’s just incredible. She’s a hard worker, and she brings a lot of positivity to the team. WHO MAKES THE FIRM SO SPECIAL?

Nicolle Walsh Paralegal

At the time, we had a lot of holes. I’m glad to say we don’t anymore. We’ve worked hard to build the kind of firmwe can be proud of. In turn, we’ve been able to create a team of truly wonderful people. Over the last fewmonths, we’ve had some new faces join the team, and I want to take a moment and introduce everybody.

Nicolle is super proactive, which is an incredible trait to have. There have been a number of times when I go to email someone to get some information for a case only to find Nicolle has already done it. It’s amazing! Plus, she does a lot of environmental volunteer work, so she’s really just an all-around good person.

Ryan Maughan Trial Attorney

Phoebe Ortega Client Care Specialist

Ryan comes to our firm from “the dark side,” aka insurance company defense. That said, it’s pretty common for personal injury lawyers to spend a few years learning the tricks of the other side so they know what they’re up against when fighting for their clients. Right out of the gate, Ryan won a huge motion for us and kept a wrongful death case we were trying in court. When you have a conversation with Ryan, you know he’s listening because he’s very thoughtful with his words. Ryan is a kind, gentle person who’s not afraid to jump in and fight for his clients.

We hired Phoebe barely 10 minutes after our first phone interview with her. During the conversation, you could feel her positive vibes radiating through the phone. I knew she was someone we needed to have helping our clients every day.

If you could see the aura around the office, I imagine it would be a sort of pink, green, and yellow light — colors of positivity and joy. I don’t know how firms let people like this get away. They’re an amazing bunch.

Christina Rudat Paralegal

When clients come to us, they’re in a very difficult situation. We want them to feel supported and cared for every step of the way. There aren’t many people in

the world who can deliver what our clients need, but we’ve found them. I’m thrilled to have Ryan, Christina, Nicolle, and Phoebe on our team.

Christina has the best energy you’ll ever see. It’s an infectious kind of positivity. When she walks into a room, it’s like a big, glowing light bubble is following her. This energy is the reason we knew she’d be a great

–Case Barnett

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