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APR/MAY 2020

What Lurks in Your Drinking Water? NATURAL DOES NOT MEAN HEALTHY

When I was a captain in the U.S. Merchant Marine, I learned an assortment of techniques for water distillation. Today, these methods are the foundation for modern water filtration and cleaning processes. Not only did I learn how to produce clean water, but I also realized howmany pollutants naturally reside in our water. However, this education sometimes came frommy misadventures while sailing across the ocean. One time in particular, I got a call from one of my officers on deck who said it looked like there was an obstruction on the horizon. When I arrived at his position, I could see that our ship was heading toward a dome shape on the horizon. I didn’t know what it was at first, but then I saw water boiling 5 miles away and realized it was a natural gas bubble. Natural gas bubbles, specifically methane gas bubbles, come from cracks in the Earth’s crust or frozen methane deposits on the ocean floor that break off. Usually, these bubbles disperse before they reach the surface, but it’s not uncommon for them to erupt in a concentrated area above sea level. It’s essential to keep an eye out for these because they can be extremely deadly if you’re in their vicinity. When a ship sails on or near one of these bubbles, they risk poisoning everyone on board or sinking.

ships”because when those aboard are poisoned from a gas bubble, their ship drifts aimlessly for a time before sinking. Fortunately, my officer had spotted the gas bubble from far away, and we had plenty of time to react. After realizing what was happening, I quickly altered our course. Everyone will see or experience things that give them pause. This was one of those times for me and my crew. When you go through situations like this, you must utilize your resources to handle them. This is especially true with water, whether you’re swimming in your backyard or sailing across the ocean. Gas bubbles aren’t the only toxic thing found in water. There are well over 100 pollutants, even fluoride, found in natural water. While fluoride is a natural substance in water, dense concentrations of it can cause an assortment of health issues, including skeletal fluorosis. Because GO THROUGH SITUATIONS LIKE THIS, YOU MUST UTILIZE YOUR RESOURCES TO HANDLE THEM.” “EVERYONE WILL SEE OR EXPERIENCE THINGS THAT GIVE THEM PAUSE. THIS WAS ONE OF THOSE TIMES FOR ME AND MY CREW. WHEN YOU

of this, I believe the Environmental Protection Agency lowered the maximum concentration level of fluoride in drinking water from 4.0 milligrams per liter to 3.2 milligrams per liter. In low concentrations, fluoride has an assortment of benefits to your oral health, but your toothpaste has a warning against the side effects of a high concentration. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t confer with your doctor about the amount of fluoride you’re getting. But if you’re concerned the amount you’re receiving is too high, or if you’re concerned about other toxins lurking in your water, give us a call anytime. We would be happy to discuss your options. Reach us at 716-946-3598 or visit our website at WatercureUSA.com.

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APR/MAY 2020


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