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even be used as a treat. Toppers can help your young canine grow and remain healthy, but they can help your senior pets, too. So, give toppers a try and watch your pup go crazy for it. I’ve been eating toppers for the last six months, and I can tell you that they are Sam-approved! For every meal, Dr. Petersen gives me four baby carrots, a handful of green beans, two strawberries, six to eight blueberries, and six small pieces of banana — it’s delicious. If you have a

Before Alarm Clocks, Knocker-Ups Helped People How These Early Morning Heroes Roused the Sleeping Until the 1940s, alarm clocks were a luxury few people in the English working class could afford. Unfortunately, some of these devices could be unreliable and caused people to miss appointments or oversleep. This ultimately gave birth to “knocker-ups,” the human alarm clocks people hired to wake them up. Being a knocker-up became popular during the Industrial Revolution, especially in cities where technical innovation boomed, and many citizens were due at factory jobs before the sun came up. In some towns, residents set slate boards against their outside walls to write their weekly work schedule; this way, any knocker-up would know when to wake them. These boards became so common that people referred to them as “knocky-up boards” or “wake-up slates.” Knocker-ups were paid a few pence each week to wake their clients before work, and each knocker-up generally had a route full of clients to wake at different times. The thing is, they didn’t just stand at the door and knock. Knocker-ups became famous for using poles to tap on clients’ second-story bedroom windows. Some even attached soft hammers or rattles to the ends of the rods to create a more startling sound when they tapped. Typically, this job was taken on by older men who were past their working age or women who needed income to support their families. Police officers also considered this a good side job to earn extra money. Many of them simply completed their morning patrol, then stopped by to wake clients living along their regular routes. However, the most famous knocker-up, and allegedly the last to exist, is Mrs. Molly Moore. Her mother was a knocker-up, and Molly continued her legacy after she passed. This mother-daughter duo became known for their unique knocking methods; instead of long poles, the two used a rubber tube as a make-shift pea shooter and pelted clients’ windows with dried peas.

picky eater, these toppers will have your furry friend licking their plate clean. All fruits and vegetables are organic and free from pesticides or herbicides. What’s not to love about these toppers?

If you decide to add toppers to your pet’s meal, be sure you’re adding the correct amount. It’s suggested that 10% of your dog’s food consists of these toppers. So, if you’re feeding your canine dry food, it should be 90% of their meal, and the rest should be the additional fruits and vegetables. Contact Dr. Petersen for more information about food toppers that can help you decide which is the perfect fit for your furry friend and the amount they should be given each day.

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This vet-approved gravy for cats is easy to make with ingredients you can find at any local grocery store! Adding a gravy on top of your cat’s kibble is a great way to keep them hydrated. Save leftovers in the fridge.

INGREDIENTS • 4 tbsp plain, sugar- free beef or fish gelatin • 1 cup water, room temperature • 2 cups chicken stock DIRECTIONS 1.

(no salt or seasonings added)

Meat scraps (optional)

Carrot cuttings (optional)

In a glass bowl, combine gelatin and water. Let it sit for 5–10 minutes until the liquid becomes clear and gains volume. In a pot over medium heat, add chicken stock, meat, and carrots. Boil until carrots are soft. Make sure the carrot and meat pieces are small enough for the cat to eat safely! Incorporate the boiling stock into the gelatin, stirring well. You can do this by hand or use a blender. Let it sit until the gelatin starts thickening. Pour a small amount on top of dry kibble and serve!


Whatever the method, a knocker-up wouldn’t leave until their client came out the door and headed on their way to work.

While history may have long forgotten about these early-morning heroes, their reliability and commitment are what ultimately allowed thousands of employees to make it to work on time.




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