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The Fitness Success Story of Jack LaLanne H ave you ever been so inspired by the accomplishments of another person that you decided to model your own The benefits of his lifestyle were also evident in some of his great physical feats. He swam to Alcatraz from Fisherman’s Wharf in 1955 when he was 41 and again in 1974 when he was 60. The second time around, he swam with a 1,000-pound boat in tow. He also

life after theirs? Most of you know I am a strong advocate of natural, healthy living in every area of life. But what you might not know is that my holistic approach to health was inspired largely by a man named Jack LaLanne. LaLanne was a pioneer in the fitness industry who performed amazing feats of physical strength and encouraged everyone to follow in his footsteps. Throughout his career as a health and fitness advocate, LaLanne achieved many things. He opened the first ever health and fitness club in Oakland, California, and spoke out vehemently against processed foods. Until he was about 15, LaLanne was a self-described “sugarholic” and “junk food junkie,” but he turned his life around after learning about the benefits of nutrition and healthy food. From his teenage years until his death in 2011, he ate a primarily vegetarian diet with fish and vitamin supplements. His commitment to this diet is an achievement in itself!

continued to perform public feats for another 10 years, and he worked out and swam daily well into his 90s. Most of his major fitness accomplishments happened during the latter half of his life, which is not something many people can claim. How many 60-year-olds do you know who can swim over a mile, let alone

swim through choppy waters with their hands tied? The first time I heard about Jack LaLanne was just after I started chiropractic school. For a while, I just thought he was a fitness guru, but

than just an inspiration to me. He’s someone with experiences I can relate to. Our fathers passed away at the same age: 58 years old. Both of us wanted to live healthier lives than our fathers did, and LaLanne clearly succeeded. When he died in

then I learned that he earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After that, his lifestyle choices made even more sense to me because they’re the same healthy living choices I recommend to my patients. I find LaLanne’s determination, grit, and stick- to-itiveness in his daily exercise and dieting routines incredibly inspiring, but he’s more

2011, he was 96 years old. He outlived his father by nearly four decades. I have to believe that drawing on LaLanne’s exercise routines and diets can lead to a healthier life for anyone. –Dr. Chris Garner

“I have to believe that drawing on LaLanne’s exercise routines and diets can lead to a healthier life for anyone.”

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