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KNOWLEDGE BEANS -18 a huma n r e s ou r c e news l e t t e r jan 2010

Highlights of this issue - Industry Champion,Mr.Ashok Pradhan profiles leadership onMahatma Gandhi - Amruta Shah pens themuch talked about buzz onmotivation - Parikrama Chundawat explores howmanpower can bemost optimally utilized

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Ashok Profiling Leadership on Historical Icon : Mahatma Gandhi Ashok Pradhan

Mr. is currently working as an independent consultant in Pune, providing consultancy in technical, managerial and HR fields. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree (Baroda University) and a Post Graduate Pradhan

Leadership is defined as a process of social influence in which one person enlists the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.

Sociologists have always tried to look at historical figures to learn about leadership qualities. When we look at Indian history canvas during the period of independence struggle, one leader stands out prominently and that is Mahatma Gandhi. To me he was a leader par excellence.

Diploma in Business Management – XLRI Jamshedpur. He has worked in Tata Motors, Jamshedpur for 39 years in various capacities – handling projects, construction, maintenance and production activities.

Gandhi arrived in India on invitation from Congress. He was given the task of leading the political entity – Congress. Gandhi did not know India well. He embarked on a long tour of India. He saw poverty, exploitation, ignorance and discon- nect between leaders and the masses. When he returned back, he was clear of his priorities – to reach the people first, involve all strata of Indian society, break the caste and religion barriers and awaken them to their rights. Congress had many senior and seasoned leaders at the helm of affairs. Gandhi had to convince and cajole them to his line of thinking.

the editor’s column Reema Malik

Reema Malik is a qualified management graduate specialising in International Business. She endeavours to incorporate her erudition to people development by virtue of her cognizance and a cosmopolitan milieu. In this edition we put forth compositions on contemporary fizz on motivation, discovering the leadership fortitude of a great historical icon and a snapshot of how to best use the manpower. We have attempted to compile and feature write – ups on exclusive topics allied to make a good case of need for management skills in various scenarios.

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