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" Our intention is to create an enduring model for advanced education and scientific research. A complete residential and academic compound will permit the faculty, staff, students, associates and their families to enjoy a rich and broad range of educational programs and social amenities. "

King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Message from the King

Our Community Vision

A Community where the residents are proud to live and proud to work, show a respect for other cultures and have a sense of ownership

People, place, pride

950 Universi ty Students

Our Campus Community - 6,831 strong! as of 31 Dec 2016

1,407 Employees 409 Postdocs 3,887 Dependents ( 2,120 Chi ldren ) 178 Research Park Tenants, Consul tants, Service Providers


We will strive to make a difference to the lives of people living in the KAUST community, by providing residents with opportunities to be involved and engaged in matters that affect their lives. We will actively promote the well - being of

residents through healthy home and community environments, community programs and events

We will celebrate all things KAUST and strive to make it an even greater place to live, study, work and visit. We will consult and listen to residents as we develop and deliver high quality services which contribute to the fabric of successful and sustainable neighborhoods and communities Place

Pride We are proud of the role we play in achieving the KAUST vision and mission. We accept the responsibility invested in us, partnering

with communities in ways that promote involvement, participation, engagement, achievement and enjoyment


Community Life

We are passionate about helping each individual and family find their sense of place and belonging in the KAUST community

We build and nurture a culture of community by providing access to services and resources that bring value to the lives of residents ; and by helping residents engage in personal interests that connect them to their neighbors and environment

Community Life

Community Services

The KAUST School KAUST Health Recreation Services Accommodation Services KAUST Daycare Community Engagement & Partnerships Retail & Food Services Logistics, Travel & Transport Services

96 % I feel safe at KAUST 89 %

89 % I feel proud to be part of the KAUST community 2016 Engagement Survey Employees, Post Docs & Working Spouses

I social ize wi th other communi ty members and enjoy being wi th them 88 % I t is important to me that I feel a sense of belonging wi th other communi ty members 62 % I put a lot of t ime and effort into being part of this communi ty

GetEngaged @ KAUST

Every person can make a valuable contribution to their neighborhood and community. Community Life invites every resident to engage and get involved: People - If you have a community - related idea or suggestion, we want to hear from you. Share it with us at GetEngaged @ Place - Community Life teams develop and deliver community based events and projects. Any resident can lend a hand or join a community task - force Pride - If you have a strong passion or interest, our teams can help you form a Self - Directed Group, or help you engage and network with others in our community

E - Mail: GetEngaged @ Website: / en / live - work / community - life

Community Life

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