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Kristin uses social media and websites like Facebook or BuzzFeed but takes the information she finds there with a grain of salt. “They’re definitely not my top sources. When you use social media as your primary source of news, you’re getting a lot of opinions. You’re not always getting facts,” she says. Where does Kristin turn to get the facts? “I rely on The Oklahoman to see what’s really happening,” she says. “If you want solid, local facts you need to go with them.” At The Oklahoman, we believe readers like Kristin deserve legit news they can trust. That’s why we fact- check each story and report with context and care. If you want the state’s most legit news like Kristin, subscribe to The Oklahoman today. AMERICANSARE3XMORE LIKELY TOTRUSTNEWSPAPERSTHANSOCIAL MEDIA FOR LOCALNEWS. – AMERICAN PRESS INSTITUTE Kristin – Subscriber I’ll check out social media sites to see what everybody is talking about, and then I turn to The Oklahoman to get the facts.

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Being our own biggest cheerleader A t the recent Chamber Forum covering Oklahoma City’s about how Oklahoma City residents speak about the opportunities available in our region. “We are often times our own worst enemy,” Yi said. “We are often apologetic about all the bad things instead of saying, ‘actually, here is all the opportunity that Oklahoma presents to you.’” Those of us that live here know that Oklahoma City is a completely different place than it was 20 years ago, but we don’t share that message as much as we should. If you are looking for talking points to use the next time you are introducing someone to Oklahoma City, consider the following: • Far from being just an oil and gas town with no other industry, less than 3 percent of the region’s employment is in the oil and gas industry. In fact, the aviation/aerospace, bioscience and hospitality industries all have double that percentage of employment in the region. • The fastest-growing industry in our region is hospitality. Thanks to our quality-of-life and community investments, people want to host meetings and events here. After people experience Oklahoma City for the first time, they want to come back. • Oklahoma City is by no means finished growing and investing in its future. In addition to the significant work taking place on MAPS-3 projects throughout Oklahoma City, there are private projects and developments all across the metro that are propelling the region forward. Our community is known for working hard and making the most of every situation, and we have built something incredible as a result. Now is the time for us to become known for how proud we are of our accomplishments. If we don’t celebrate our own successes, who will? It’s up to each of us, individually, to share the news about where Oklahoma City is headed, and how other people can be a part of the momentum. bustling startup scene, event panelist Tommy Yi, co-founder and president of StarSpace 46, made an interesting observation

Roy H. Williams, CCE President & CEO


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Roy H. Williams, CCE Chamber CEO & President


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