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5-12 Years PS5-70149 $60,488 Age Group: 5-12 Years Capacity: 66 Structure Size: 30' x 27' Use Zone: 42' x 39' Fall Height: 6' Est. Timber Count: 35 ADA: Yes Want this without a shade? PS5-70149-1 $52,880

PS3-71037 $36,566 Age Group: 5-12 Years Capacity: 35-40 Structure Size: 35' x 22' Use Zone: 47' x 34' Fall Height: 6' Est. Timber Count: 37 ADA: Yes

Open Spiral Slide

Talk Tube


Circular Net Bridge

Crawl Through Panel

Double Sided Tetra Climber


Chute Slide


36" 42"

Radial Engine Panel

Talk Tube

ADA Transfer Station

Half Moon Climber

Tic-Tac-Toe Panel and Pipe Wall with Wheel

Double Curved Slide

Curved Chute Slide

Delta Climber

Pipe Wall Kitchen Panel

Arched Gable Roof

Reverse View

ADA Transfer Station

Alpine Thunder Slide


60" 72"

Reverse View

12" Rise Arch Bridge

Post Mount Steering Wheel

Rock Wall Climber

Cargo Cord Net Climber

Zig-Zag Tube Slide

PS3-31596 $35,766 Age Group: 5-12 Years Capacity: 35-40 Structure Size: 34' x 18' Use Zone: 46' x 30' Fall Height: 7' Est. Timber Count: 32 ADA: Yes Want a 5" post? PS5-31596 $42,153

Inclusive! PS5-70150 $162,255 Age Group: 5-12 Years Capacity: 115 Structure Size: 53' x 53' Use Zone: 65' x 65' Fall Height: 8' Est. Timber Count: 64 ADA: Yes

Reverse View

Chain Link Climber Spelling Panel

Loop Rung Horizontal Ladder

Loop Climber

Concentration Climber

Spiral Climber

Lily Pad Steps

Post Mount Steering Wheel




Kitchen Panel


ADA Transfer Station

Bubble Panel

Clover Climber

Chute Slide

Sectional Slides

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What's timber count? The amount of 4' playground timbers (or borders) needed to surround the playground should a type of loose fill surfacing be used. See page 143 for more information.

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