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Before you know it, summer is more than half over, and it’s time to start thinking about getting the kids back into the school routine. If school tuition is causing you more stress than finding out what happens in the next season of “Stranger Things,” you might consider learning more about qualified tuition plans sponsored by the government. WHAT IS A 529 PLAN? Legally known as a “qualified tuition plan,” a 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan that allows you to save for future education costs.They are sponsored by states, state agencies, or educational institutions. CAN I USE A 529 FORMY CHILD’S PRIVATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? Because of changes to the tax code, 529 plans have been extended to cover expenses for qualified K-12 education. Instead of just using a 529 to cover qualified college or university fees, you can now potentially withdraw up to $10,000 per year, per beneficiary, for K-12 tuition, according to federal guidelines. WHAT DOES THE PLAN LOOK LIKE IN MISSOURI? Not all states are following federal guidelines for the plan, but Missouri is one that is currently adhering to federal guidelines.This means that withdrawals from your 529 used for qualified expenses from your 529 will be tax-free. Qualified expenses usually include tuition, room and board, books, and other supplies required for enrollment or attendance.There are no fees to open an account under Missouri’s 529 Savings Plan (MOST). Consult with us to learn more about qualified expenses and if this plan is right for your family. If you’re interested in learning more about how to utilize a 529 plan for the coming school year, contact Capital Advisory Group. Our staff are knowledgeable about changes to the tax code and can help you through the process. An Overview of the New Qualified Tuition Plan CHANGES TO THE TAX LAW BRING CHANGES TO THE 529

Summertime is for swimming, but why settle for a community pool when you can have access to the most beautiful swimming locales in the world? These three exclusive, little-known spots are Exclusive Spots You Must See to Believe SECRET SWIMMING HOLES OF THEWORLD With its spiral staircase of waterfalls, this remote jungle location offers up more than one unique spot to take a plunge. Visitors never fail to be awestruck by the deep blue-green hue of each pool created by the four cascading waterfalls. Hali’i means “to spread out,” which is precisely what each waterfall does, showcasing a serene experience unlike any other. But the beauty of this one-of- a-kind experience is only outdone by its exclusivity.To reach these pools, you’ll have to hike through dense forest, deep marshes, and wide-open pastures of sugar cane. DOS OJOS, MEXICO The Spanish translation of the name for this magical system of caves is “two eyes,” and you’ll want to have yours checked after you see this swimming hole. When limestone bedrock collapses, a sinkhole called a “cenote” is formed.The unearthed water from the natural aquifer balances a color palette of earth tones with the most majestic shades of blue you’ll ever behold.The calling cards for these bodies of water are the Blue Eye and the Black Eye. Both offer unforgettable experiences, but the price of entry is a hefty sense of adventure. You’ll need a full set of scuba gear to get to either hole. THE BATHS, VIRGIN GORDA A day in the Caribbean is like living every moment inside a beautiful pastel painting.The elegance of this location in the British Virgin sure to take your breath away. HALI’I FALLS, HAWAII

Islands will make you feel like you’ve been transported into a cathedral. The large boulders and natural rock formations create shallow caves that will captivate your eyes as you wade through the water in wonder. When you exit,

you’ll witness the sight that gives this beautiful spot its name. A handful of 40-foot granite boulders form private pools as if that was what they were made for.


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