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April 2020 From Reader to Writer My Lifelong Love of Books and the Joys of Becoming an Author (978) 653-4092 Practical wisdom, trusted advice.

There’s no better way to relax on vacation than in your favorite beach chair with a great book — at least that’s what my wife and I believe. If you ask our kids, they will tell you we’re nuts! Our kids don’t hesitate to tease us on every vacation when my wife and I settle into our chairs on the beach, our favorite books in hand, and enjoy some much-needed R&R. Our kids would rather be riding the waterslides or jumping into the pool, but my wife and I enjoy the nice break from the world that our books provide. I’ve loved reading since I was a kid, and today, I read a mix of business books and fiction. In particular, I have always been a big Stephen King fan. I remember enjoying his books the most when I was young, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read everything he has ever written. (I enjoy his son’s books, too.)

“Thank you to all of you who have read my books. If you’d like a copy of either one, please contact our office. And come see me speak at our local library on May 4! I’d love to see you there.”

and it’s not very long, but it’s the perfect summer book to read from my beach chair. I gave it to Gabby to read this last year, and I hope Mikey will read it this year, too. I like sharing books with them, especially ones that I can’t seem to put down, no matter how many times I’ve picked them up. Given my lifelong love of reading, it was a really special experience when I authored my first book this past year. I remember writing it and thinking, “Who’s even going to want to read this?” But since it came out, I’ve received kind compliments from clients and readers who have found the book useful and beneficial. However, after writing “Planning Ahead: Everything You Need to Know About Estate Planning and Elder Law,” I realized I couldn’t actually fit everything older people need to know in the book. And that realization prompted me to write my second book, “The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Mass Health Long-Term Care Application Will Be Rejected.” Focusing on Medicaid, Medicare, and long- term care, the second book guides older adults and their families through the complexities of accessing health care later in life. In particular, I wanted this book to serve as a reference manual for older folks who are applying or searching for health care and benefits. The application process can be complex, and while hiring an attorney is always the best way to ensure your needs are met, I want my book to serve as a supplementary resource.

At the time of writing this article, my book is still in the publishing phase, but the response has been phenomenal so far. People tell me they are looking forward to reading the book, and I still can’t believe I wrote something people actually want to read! It’s a big deal to me, and I’m proud to be a published author. And as a result of writing the books, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a few local speaking engagements, which have allowed me to connect with the community and my clients on a more intimate and regular basis. They’ve even introduced me to new endeavors I can take on for myself. For example, I hope to create my own panel of experts in elder law, Medicare, Medicaid, and estate planning, which will educate and prepare my clients and those in the community on issues specific to older folks. I feel so grateful for these opportunities and the readers of my books. Maybe someone out there is reading my book on the beach. (I just hope their kids aren’t as ruthless about the teasing!) Thank you to all of you who have read my books. If you’d like a copy of either one, please contact our office. And come see me speak at our local library on May 4! I’d love to see you there. -Michael Monteforte Jr.

“Joyland” is a book by King that I try to read every year. It’s not as heavy as his other works, | 1

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