Battle at S.K.I.E. excerpt

Battle at S.K.I.E

Chapter One Suspicions

Selie’s heart thudded loudly in her chest as the footsteps completely stopped in front of the door. There was nowhere to hide in the small room so there was only one thing to do. Holding her breath, Selie tiptoed toward the door and pressed her hand against it. She fought to concentrate against the anxiety consuming her. Although she was able to tap into her abilities again after the emotional setback of Mireia’s betrayal, she still had difficulty conjuring and maintaining them. The beeping of the virtual code on the other side of the door caused Selie’s heart to skip a beat. The woman outside cursed under her breath. Selie felt her lungs begin to burn as she continued to hold her breath while the woman tried the code again. When it didn’t work for the third time, the woman released an irritated groan and marched away. Releasing a large exhale, Selie waited a few seconds and then quickly opened the door. She knew there were cameras set up to monitor each floor. When Nathaniel had given them the tour, Selie had tried to listen while he explained that each floor had cameras that connected back to the security room. He said they were constantly monitored but that day-to-day capture was just logged. Unless something alerted them they most likely wouldn’t check the video logs. Selie gasped and wheeled around. If she left the virtual projection up, they would check the video. Scrambling to the floor, Selie placed her hands on the tile, willing her abilities to tap into the feed. Her heart pounded with every shallow breath. She felt the warmth trickling to her fingertips. Come on! Come on!


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