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Companies That Participate in April Fools’ Day

3 Hilarious Pranks Played by Businesses

April Fools’Day might be the only appropriate time of year for you to prank your friends or coworkers with gags like dipping an onion in caramel and offering it as a candy apple or loosening the tops of the salt and pepper shakers. It’s also the one day of the year when big companies get to join in the mischief as well. Check out these company-wide April Fools’jokes that left millions of people scratching their heads. Netflix’s PSA In 2015, everyone’s favorite online streaming company issued a PSA that warned binge-watchers all over the world of the social, physical, and psychological dangers of watching too much TV. In fact, if viewers watched more than two consecutive episodes of a show on April 1, they were greeted with a PSA from popular actors, like Michael Kelly from“House of Cards”or Taylor Schilling from“Orange Is the New Black.”Some stars even told Netflix users to“Turn off the TV and take a shower. You stink!” Burger King’s ChocolateWhopper Just last year, Burger King fooled hungry customers by creating the Chocolate Whopper. The imaginary fast-food treat is made with chocolate cake buns, a chocolate“beef”patty, raspberry syrup as the ketchup, rings of white chocolate as the onions, milk chocolate as the lettuce, vanilla frosting as mayo, and candied blood oranges as the tomatoes. This prank was quite a creative feat by Burger King staff, and merely watching the advertisement spiked glucose levels everywhere. eHarmony’s ‘FURever Love’ Dating Service for Dogs Perhaps the most wholesome prank that’s ever been peddled to the masses was the launching of eHarmony’s FURever Love: Canine Compatibility Companion Service. The dating website claimed that

When smoke particles enter an indoor environment, they can threaten the health of people in that environment. When breathed in, these particles can penetrate the lungs and may lead to coronary heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory illnesses. Soot exposure can also irritate a person’s skin. Depending on the nature of the fire, it is possible that soot may also contain certain metals or chemicals that may pose a health risk. Soot can also damage property if left unchecked. The fine particles can easily stain carpets, drapes, and other items throughout a building. Additionally, the sharp odor from smoke may permeate furniture and walls, lingering for years. These effects are not just aesthetically unpleasant; they can trigger health problems in building occupants down the road. If your building has been exposed to smoke and soot, whether due to distant wildfires, a nearby residential fire, or a fire within your own building, it is crucial to respond appropriately. It’s not enough to assign the janitorial crew to scrub black soot stains off the wall and call it a day. If you suspect your building may be suffering from soot and carbon contamination, contact a fire restoration company with experience in cleaning commercial buildings and perform follow-up tests on the IAQ to make sure the job was done right.

Texas wildfire season will soon reach its peak. Make sure your building is protected from all the damage those flames can do.


based on the algorithms they use for creating compatible human relationships, they built this service to“create robust profiles for dogs based on key dimensions of their personality.”The biographies they created for the pups’ profiles included canine mate preferences, like“Looking for a tug-o-war partner,”“Must love squirrels,”and“It’s been ruff finding a quality stud to go on walks with.” While these April Fools’Day jokes were all made in jest, the pranks certainly kept audiences guessing long after April 1 had passed, and it’s not hard to see why.

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