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The Short Story on Fall Boots Kids’ Budget-Stretching Basics

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More Stores Than Falling Leaves

LETTER FROM THE EDITORS Welcome to the Fall issue of BOWER PLACE STYLE. We’re here to keep you up to date on all of the latest trends in fashion, beauty, home décor, and technology, all in one convenient location, Bower Place!

A showcase for our merchants, this edition has plenty of interesting and unexpected pieces to look forward to for Fall 2016! Our Style magazine features the season’s fashion trends at Bower Place, from aspirational hair styles and beauty tips to fabulous boots and eye catching jewels. Check out our feature article on HGTV’s Sarah Baeumler, show host of ‘House of Bryan’ and ‘Leave it to Bryan’; learn about her enthusiasm for fashion and design and how you can incorporate her ideas into your own life this fall. You can also meet Sarah in person at Bower Place on Saturday, September 24th at our ‘What a Girl Wants’ fashion event, all in support of the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter. Get your tickets at Guest Services while they last! Visit us online at where you will find a digital edition of this magazine that you can share with friends, and plan your next shopping trip! From all of us at Bower Place, have an adventurous and cozy fall!

BONNEY REMPEL Regional Director, Marketing, Retail Services West

DALLAS HAND Marketing Director, Bower Place


Bonney Rempel


Lacey June-Berry


Sonya Hunt Dallas Hand

Hair &Make-Up Sonia Leal-Serafim Design & Production Jeremie White, Bonney King, and Jennie Dixon Contributors


Assistant Editor Mary Kitzan Creative Director Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms Art Director Russ Willms Photography Pooya Nabei

Cathie Gilbert, Inge Thomsen, Tammy George, Jacquie Arnatt, Coralie Jeffery, Jacquie Henning, and Bonney King

Follow us on Facebook at, Instagram@shopbowerplace or visit for the latest news and updates. COVER: Scarf, Earrings and Blouse RICKI’S | Jacket and Pants LE CHÂTEAU | Purse JOURNEYS



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Spareparts ( Founded in 1992, Spareparts is Canada’s premium Sunglass, Watch and Accessories store. With roots in Western Canada, Spareparts is recognized for its curated collections, expert stylists and unmatched customer service. Featuring today’s most sought-after brands and exclusive products, we look forward to introducing you to our unique shopping experience.

ivivva ( Inspired by active girls. Created by lululemon. ivivva celebrates girls by designing beautiful, technical athletic wear (in sizes 6-14) and experiences that connect them through movement. From running and yoga to dance and goal-setting, ivivva stores offer a variety of complimentary athletic classes and Dreams & Goals programs that inspire girls to dream big.

Escents ( provides 100% natural scent and wellness essentials for the body, mind and home, including essential oils, bath, body, wellness products, and aroma diffusers.


WATCH THIS! It’s always time for a beautiful new watch.

Yes, of course a watch is practical, but these are also stunning pieces of jewellery AND additions to your wardrobe that will show your style for years to come.

Gucci Silver Watch PARIS JEWELLERS Tissot Silver & White Face Watch CLOWES JEWELLERS Square Link Watch MICHAEL HILL JEWELLERS



the trend: ATHLEISURE

This trend takes a very casual athletic look and bumps up the style factor to take it from workout to fashion. Cool sneakers, drawstring pants, mesh, leggings, and backpacks are all systems ‘go’! Work in your favourite denim, a dress with sneakers, or put a pair of chunky heels with drawstring pants. Play around with a mix of pieces and enjoy this versatile and increasingly popular look!

Billabong Hat and Vans Sneakers BOATHOUSE I Black Studded Purse JOURNEYS I Peep-Toe Pumps ALDO I Bomber Jacket ARDENE Dolce & Gabbana Tortoiseshell Glasses CONSUMER’S OPTICAL I White Mini Satchel LE CHÂTEAU I Black Vest BOOTLEGGER Denim Jacket REVOLUTION BY RICKI’S I Tan Leather Jacket BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS I Pwdr Room Grey Pants INTERSPORT




the trend: LACE

No longer reserved for undergarments, lace is out and about. There are lots of ways to bring lace into your look – a lacy sweater over a tank, a pair of jeans with lace-up boots and a white lace top, or try a lace dress or vest with a short boot. You can even find great earrings and bags that incorporate a lacy feel. Sometimes, just bringing a touch of this into a look is enough to update an outfit with a key trend.

Tan Suede Booties, Brown Clutch, Jeans, and Scarf LE CHÂTEAU I RCVA Black Lace Shirt BOATHOUSE Burgundy Lace Top and Earrings RICKI’S I White Lace Shirt and Blue Sleeveless Top NORTHERN REFLECTIONS Black Lace-Up Cut-Out Pumps and Tan Satchel ALDO




the trend: TAN

Ooh la la! The classic tan trench, tan pants, tan bag... that all- over tan monochromatic look is hot off the runways for the fall season. Tan is a great colour and easy to pull into any wardrobe. Even if it’s not a great look with your skin type (and tan can be tricky that way!), you can pull in the colour with boots, shoes, bags and pants. Tan is a very versatile colour and a must-have for fall.

Tan Peep-Toe Booties and Brown Satchel ALDO I Geometric Satchel, Keychain, and Cutout Lace-Up Heels SPRING Maui Jim Sunglasses IRIS I Circle Necklace, Pink Shirt, and Tan Leggings LE CHÂTEAU I White Blazer RICKI’S



We’ve gotten to know Sarah Baeumler through HGTV’s ‘House of Bryan’. With four kids, a TV production, a new show, ‘Bryan Inc.’ in the works, her own blog and her latest endeavor,, Sarah is proof that a busy person gets things done. To top it off, Sarah does all of this while looking fabulous! We’re delighted to have the opportunity to talk with Sarah about fall fashion and to have her share her ideas for putting the ‘cozy’ into your home this fall. AWoman of Style SARAH BAEUMLER INTERV IEW


sometimes, in the dead of the Canadian winter, my uniform becomes a great pair of lace up boots. Style: You have great hair – any secrets to share? Trust yourself! No one knows your hair better than you. Bryan laughs when I talk about my hair and how much work it is but I don’t have time in the mornings to spend an hour styling my hair, so I rely on some great products, like dry shampoo. I have also been trying hard to cut down on the number of times I wash my hair in a week. My stylist has encouraged me to let the natural oils protect my hair instead of stripping them out by over-washing. Likewise, as a ballet dancer my hair has spent most of its lifetime in a bun. I am all about simplicity when it comes to my hair routine and I can always be found with a hair elastic and some bobby pins in my handbag.

Style: How would you describe your style? Simple and classic with a splash of flare! For me, style is all about versatility. My day can include everything from pouring concrete on site with Bryan, to a website design meeting for Sarah Delivered, followed by a Board meeting in the evening for our children’s charity. When I get dressed in the morning I tend to start with a casual top and pants that I can pair with boots on the worksite or a blazer and heels for my Board meeting. Style: The theme of this issue is comfort & cozy – how would you translate that into an outfit? For me, comfort is all about the fabric. My Mum is an incredible seamstress. As a young girl she would take me through the fabric shops on Queen Street in Toronto searching for just the right wool or silk for her suits or even upholstery for our living room sofa. Now when I’m purchasing clothing, I tend to look at how it is made, what it is made from, and where it is made. Clothing is often comfortable and cozy because it is made with good fabrics and sewn with care and an attention to detail. Style: What role do accessories play when you put a fall look together? I love accessories! I prefer to accessorize with hats, scarves, and handbags. I have never been great at accessorizing with jewellery so you may notice that I stick to a few fashion staples like my pearl earrings or a classic gold necklace. If I can pair a great winter toque with an outfit, or pick-up a fringe cross-body bag to complete my look, then I am a happy fashionista! Style: If you were selecting one new pair of boots for fall, would it be heels, flats, tall or short, and why? I love tall boots! I think they add a sense of sophistication and glamour to any outfit. They are my ‘go to’ boots for the season. I admit that I am a lover of heels, but over the years, as the kids have gotten busier, and I spend more time in my car driving them to and from activities, I have often found myself reaching for my flats. I believe that women look incredible in heels, but



but complement each other at the same time. Keep one of the area rugs more simple and neutral, and the other colourful with a unique pattern. Try using a classic jute rug as the base, and layer a soft hide or full flokati rug on top. IDEA 2: Add an additional duvet to your bed. I love the look of doubling up your duvet covers, not to mention the added softness and comfort it provides. Sometimes those fall nights can be unexpectedly chilly so it’s nice having the option of another layer at the end of my bed. I like to keep my main duvet neutral in colour and add some different textures and patterns with an additional quilt or coverlet. During the fall and winter, experiment with colours at the warmer end of the spectrum to achieve a cozy feeling. IDEA 3: Swap out pillow shams and covers. During the summer, we often lighten up our linens and stick to cotton sheets, pillowcases and duvets. This is great for those warmer months, but once the evenings start to cool down, it’s smart to add some warmth to your décor, and textured fabrics are a creative way to do this. Try including fabrics such as velvet, wool, and faux furs into your pillow cover ensemble. Although they are a bit more daring and unique, it will add an inviting feeling to your space.

Style: How about beauty products – what would we find on your counter or in your purse this fall? Under-eye cream is a staple in my bathroom and I travel with concealer in my makeup bag. Bronzing powder is also a staple for me, especially as we head into these cooler months, to give my skin a light glow. I enjoy makeup and playing with different colours and trends each season. I tend to be a little more daring when it comes to my eyeshadow and liner. There is nothing I won’t try when it comes to makeup and beauty trends! Style: Some people shop for an entire outfit and some shop for a specific piece. How do you plan your shopping trips? I adore shopping. Since I was a little girl, shopping has been a huge part of my life and likewise, styling outfits. I tend to purchase a blouse one day, a skirt the next week, and accessories on a regular basis. For me, it is all about my mood in the morning and how I want to put an outfit together. I rarely purchase an entire look at one time. I find it exciting to put clothes together and see how I can make a simple white t-shirt work with a fabulous jumper and heels. I have a strong appreciation for how clothing is made and the artistry that is behind it. Style: Terrific, Sarah. Now we want to move from fashion to home décor. You’re also an amazing interior designer, so we’re hoping you can share three simple ideas that will add that warm and cozy feel we all crave during the fall and winter. IDEA 1: Layer your area rugs. This is a great trend to mimic in your bedroom or living area for the cool fall and winter months. The key here is to contrast textures and styles by choosing two rugs that are different,

Style: Thanks so much, Sarah. We will continue to watch your career and all the wonderful projects you take on.

Be sure to check Sarah and Bryan out in HGTV’s ‘Bryan Inc’, and for inspiration on design, fashion, lifestyle and family, be sure to visit Sarah’s blog at


Pièce de Résistance Each beautiful piece of jewellery has a little life of its own – a little story to tell. Let’s take a look at what these pieces have to say.

Bangle Bracelet PANDORA


THE STORY: “It was our 5th anniversary and flowers arrived early in the morning with a love letter. I’d tell you about it, but it might make you blush... anyways, I had decided to opt for a romantic dinner at home rather than going out (I love to cook!), and had arranged for the kids to stay with my parents for the night. I made his favourite – roasted chicken with all the trimmings, candles, and I had ‘our song’ playing... it was perfect – we laughed and ate and talked about the great times we’ve had so far. After the main course, I went to get the chocolate strawberries and cream, and when I got back to the table, these stunning Pandora bracelets were waiting for me... it was the most romantic evening of my life and one I will always treasure.”

What stories do you think these pieces have to tell? No doubt there’s some adventures, tales of love and maybe even a few stories you’ll want to keep to yourself. ;-)

Turquoise Belly Button Ring WICKED ALTERNATIVE BODY FASHION I Silver Chain Bracelet PARIS JEWELLERS Pearl Brooch and Rose Gold & Diamond Ring CHARM DIAMOND CENTRES I Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelets CLOWES JEWELLERS



Short Story The on Fall Boots There are tall, over-the-knee boots, sky-high heeled boots and knee-high boots, but the variety of short boots available this season is incredible. Whether you’re doing the athleisure look for style, a walk in the woods, a sexy dress that asks for a peep toe boot or something that suits a stylish look at the office, there is a boot you’ll fall in love with. The bonus? Most of the shorter boots are going to make your feet fall in love with the comfort.

Madden Girl Brown Ankle Boots JOURNEYS

Miz Mooz Ankle Boots QUARK SHOES

Sam Edelman Black Booties HUDSON’S BAY

Dr Martens Black Boots JOURNEYS


Hunter Chelsea Boots HUDSON’S BAY

Toms Black Suede Ankle Booties STANCE


Blundstone Brown Boots SOFTMOC

Toms Black Suede Cutout Booties STANCE

Timberland Lace-Up Boots JOURNEYS




TIP: Select basic pieces that can mix and match into your kids’ wardrobe.


TIP: Choose a colour palette of 4-6 colours that work together to make shopping easier AND give your kids more looks for less!


Denim Dress TOYS ‘R’ US Cat Ears Headband Red Striped Backpack CLAIRE’S White Leggings THE CHILDREN’S PLACE Sarah Jayne Brown Boots JOURNEYS

DC Teal Skater Shoes THE EDGE KIDS


A few key basics will give your little ones a foundation look that you can build on.

TIP: Hoodies are big and, of course, jeans will work with practically everything!

East Coast Lifestyle Hoodie PSEUDIO

TIP: Add flare and fun with a cool backpack!

Reebok Backpack BENTLEY

Sweater and Checkered Shirt THE CHILDREN’S PLACE Silver Jeans THE EDGE KIDS Timberland Boots JOURNEYS

DC Green Skater Shoes THE EDGE KIDS


make it WORK

One of the key career items is – no surprise here – a great blazer. Something in navy, black, grey or tan will do the trick. Even

a subtle pattern in a classic colour is good. Depending on the work

environment, the blazer can work with a contrasting or

co-ordinating colour of trousers just as well as it can work with jeans.

You can also do a quality t-shirt or a perfectly pressed, button-down shirt and tie or just a dress

shirt on its own. Make sure you have

all the elements to pull together a look that shows your confidence – a great pair of shades or glasses, a good watch, a pair of upscale shoes and a pair of more casual shoes and, of course, a case for your laptop.

Perry Ellis Blazer and Dress Shirt HUDSON’S BAY I Toms Dress Shoes STANCE Mavi Jeans THE EDGE I Leather Satchel SPAREPARTS Oakley Ferrari Sunglasses INTERSPORT I Medium Watch WATCH IT! I Reef Sneakers BOATHOUSE





Throws QE HOME


CozyUp! There’s something magical about being warm and cozy and settling into more time indoors as the fall weather cools off. When it’s that time, here are some items that’ll add that ‘warm & cozy’ feel to your home and make you want to welcome fall with open arms.

White Lanterns and Wood Candles THINK KITCHEN Blue Mug and Striped Plate SEARS Teavana Oprah Cinnamon Chai & Mint Majesty Teas and Purple Thermos STARBUCKS

Cutting Board and Knives HOUSE OF KNIVES Lindt Chocolates SHOPPERS DRUG MART Green and Leopard Journals HALLMARK Kate Spade Jewellery Box and Bamboo Box HUDSON’S BAY



HALLOWEEN AT BOWER PLACE OCTOBER 31 Bring your little ghosts and goblins down to Bower Place for centre-wide Trick or Treating. THIS SEASON’S HIGHLIGHTS There is fun for the entire family, including photos at Centre Court, and NEW this year, take a selfie with one of our celebrity mascots throughout Bower Place and upload it using #bowerplacehalloween for your chance to win 1 of 5 $50 Gift Cards!



As a thank you to our loyal senior shoppers, we’re holding a special afternoon full of treats and drinks from Bower Place. Join us for live music in the food court, and of course your chance to win Bower Place Gift Cards! WHAT A GIRL WANTS LEATHER & LACE FASHION EVENT SEPTEMBER 24 Join us for an evening of stunning fashion and home décor, featuring HGTV’s Sarah Bauemler. Tickets are $20/each, and include a $10 Bower Place Gift Card, swag bad with exclusive retailer coupons, and your chance to bid on some fantastic auction items. All proceeds support the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter.

This is your chance to welcome Santa back to Bower Place, featuring children’s activities and some yummy treats in the Food Court. Get your $5 tickets at Guest Services while they last, this event sells out each year! RED & WHITE NIGHT NOVEMBER 20 The most anticipated night of shopping in Red Deer, it’s the 3rd annual Red & White Night, featuring deals up to 50% off throughout Bower Place, and over $20,000 in door prizes! General tickets $25 each. Visit for VIP ticket information, with proceeds supporting Central Alberta charities.



Fast &


look brighter, especially when you wake up looking tired. And because it’s skin coloured, you can use it to cover any red spots or trouble spots around the rim of the eyes or anywhere on the face. 3: Finish the eyes off with black mascara and you instantly look bright and fresh. 4: Bronzer is my favourite way to add a quick instant glow to your face, but you can also sweep it on your eyelids to use as a light natural eyeshadow and also brighten up the eyes. As long as it’s not too sparkly, you can also use it as a nice natural contour, sweeping along the hallows of your cheekbones, jawline and around the hairline of your forehead. 5: Finish off with a lip and cheek stain. Another 2-in-1 product that saves time and money and will last for a very long time. Q: Sometimes it’s nice to go out after work. Any tips to add some extra ‘wow’ to the basic look? The best tip to instantly transform your basic makeup look to a more of a “wow” is to add shine. Adding a highlighter to your brow bones just underneath your eyebrows, the top part of your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose and the top of your cupid’s bow. It will reflect more light, especially gorgeous for evening lighting. Tip: Best applied with your finger on the apple of your cheeks and make sure to blend. We’re excited to share our conversation with Sonia Leal-Serafim, a highly talented and experienced hair and make-up artist that has worked with the likes of Fergie, Ellen Page and John Mayer to name a few. In addition to her celebrity clients, Sonia has worked on hundreds of fashion shoots all over the world. In fact, she did all the hair and makeup on our model for this edition of Style. We’re thrilled that Sonia agreed to share her tips on how easy it is for anyone to look fabulous in just a few minutes.

Q: What’s the secret to great looking skin? As it turns out, everything your mother told you is true. A daily routine of a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, getting regular sleep and washing your make-up off every night before bed is imperative to keeping your skin at its best. But most importantly, using SPF everyday and protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Even in the winter when it’s overcast. More and more I am seeing early signs of sun damage on my clients at an earlier age, especially on the left side of the face from driving, thinking that they don’t need to wear sunscreen when going to and from work. Q: What routine can you suggest that will have someone looking their best in less than 10 minutes? Never before have there been such amazing cosmetic products on the market as there are now. Especially multi-functional products. 1: One of my favourites is BB Cream. It’s one product that replaces your serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. So, it’s your skincare and skin finish and protection all in one product and one step. Most offer a light-medium coverage that you can build upon. 2: Another product that is multi-functional and one of my daily secret weapons is a nude or skin coloured liner. I like to apply this in the water line to instantly open the eyes and make them


Fabulous! Q: Tell us what products we need to get a fabulous look fast, every day.

Bronzer Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer HUDSON’S BAY and SEPHORA 2

BB Cream with Sunscreen Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SHOPPERS DRUG MART and SEPHORA 1

Lip and Cheek Stain Lip & Cheek Stain in Dutch Tulip THE BODY SHOP 3


Black Mascara

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara SHOPPERS DRUG MART and SEPHORA


Skin Coloured Liner

MAC Studio Chromographic Pencil Multi-Purpose Liner HUDSON’S BAY




There’s something gorgeous about a man that knows his own style. And it really doesn’t take much effort to look great this fall. How can a guy take the basics and go from ho-hum to double takes?

EASY AS 1-2-3:

1. Layer Up Layers can work wonders and are fun to play with. Remember that layers work best with a mix of textures.

2. Add Accessories A great pair of sunglasses, a wrist band or bracelet, a cool backpack – all good.

3. Look Down There are so many great boots and shoes available for men these days – go for a basic colour and comfort – you’ll never want to take them off!

Element Red Plaid Shirt PSEUDIO RCVA Dress Shirt BOATHOUSE Leather Boots BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS Mavi Pants THE EDGE

Michael Kors Sunglasses IRIS

Leatherman Utility Bracelet HOUSE OF KNIVES

Herschel Tote STANCE


Gizmos & GADGETS

There are so many mind-boggling, extraordinary, and amazing tech items around these days – from phones to phonographs and from fitbits to fabulous hair dryers, there’s something for everyone from the fitness buff to the fashionista.

Ladies Alta and Mens Blaze Fitbits INTERSPORT


Samsung Galazy S7 KOODO, TBOOTH, TELUS, ROGERS, VIRGIN MOBILE, BELL and FIDO I ZTE Android Tablet BELL Chi Touch Screen 2 Hair Dryer CHATTERS and GREEN APPLE I Audio-Technica Turntable Stereo HMV Burton Wireless Speaker and Powerology Universal Portable Battery VIRGIN MOBILE I Umbrella Light SHOPPERS DRUG MART



Advertising space available in BOWER PLACE STYLE. Contact Dallas Hand, Marketing Director, Bower Place at 403-342-5240 or for more information.


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