WPRA News March 2020


Kentucky Equine Research: World Leaders in Equine Nutrition More than 30 years ago, Kentucky Equine Research® was founded by equine nutritionist Joe Pagan, Ph.D., with one goal in mind: to put innovations in equine nutrition and exercise physiology in the hands of feed manufacturers and horse owners. From the beginning, Pagan envisioned worldwide reach in achieving this goal. Soon after the company opened its doors, it launched a satellite office in Australia, which continues to serve thriving racehorse and performance-horse markets. Further expansion occurred during the intervening years, and Kentucky Equine Research now works with feed manufacturers on six continents. The company is a global leader in many facets of equine nutrition. At the Heart: Research As the name of the company suggests, the cornerstone of Kentucky Equine Research is its in-house exploration of nutrition and exercise physiology. Year-round trials form the basis for development of novel feed ingredients and nutritional supplements. The trials are conducted at two facilities in the

United States, the flagship farm in Kentucky and the Thoroughbred training center in Florida. Different research trials have been conducted at Kentucky Equine Research over the years. Digestibility trials determine how horses derive nutrients from different feedstuffs and how nutrients interact with one another to affect digestibility. Feed preference trials measure palatability among different feedstuffs and flavors. Exercise studies involve treadmill tests of various intensities, including sprint and endurance trials. More recent trials have focused on heart rate and lactate concentration as a measure of performance, as well as the effect of common medications such as furosemide and omeprazole on nutrient digestibility. In addition to its own studies, Kentucky Equine Research collaborates with world- renowned scientists in academia to develop and patent products and diagnostic

KER Targeted Nutrition products are specifically formulated for high-performance horses and those with special nutritional needs. Several of their original products are uniquely suitable for barrel racers: • Race Recovery™ an electrolyte system specifically formulated to help horses on Lasix® replenish the specific minerals lost through increased urination, helping them to bounce back more quickly. • Triacton™ a proprietary blend of marine-derived calcium, which offers important benefits for the stomach and hindgut, and other minerals supporting bone density. • Nano-Q10™ a highly bioavailable source of ubiquinone to improve aerobic energy generation and protect against exercise-induced muscle damage. • EO-3™ marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce bleeding (EIPH) and inflammation in exercised horses, as well as aiding skin, coat, and joint health. • RE-LEVE® the original research proven low-starch feed for high-performance horses with PSSM and RER.


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