WPRA News March 2020


Beyond Feeds: Specialized Nutritional Supplements In the early 2000s, Kentucky Equine Research responded to requests for more specialized products for horses with specific nutritional needs by developing a line of cutting-edge supplements. Designed to work in concert with partner feeds, these supplements are thoroughly researched and produced with a stringent level of quality control. Proprietary ingredients and unique solutions characterize the products. As an example of its ingenuity, Kentucky Equine Research recently released Nano-Q10™, a source of the antioxidant coenzyme Q10, or ubiquinone, a compound known to improve aerobic energy generation and protect against exercise-induced muscle damage. Nano-Q10 targets cells through nanotechnology, a delivery mechanism that boosts bioavailability. In fact, research has shown that Nano-Q10 is three times more bioavailable than powdered crystalline ubiquinone. With a rich history of research, product development, and consultation, Kentucky Equine Research has established itself as a leader in equine nutrition worldwide and will continue with the same commitment to excellence in the coming years. For more information, visit ker.com. Testimonial: “Barrel racing can be a grueling sport on a horse’s digestive tract. Between the miles in the trailer and the runs, it’s great to have a product like Triacton to feed. I use it as a preventative measure to help ensure healthy gut function, which in turn keeps my horses eating well on the road and performing comfortably in the arena. An added bonus with Triacton is its highly bioavailable marine-derived calcium content, which supports my horses’ soundness and longevity.”—Kaylee Gallino, WPRA Badlands Circuit

techniques that target specific problems in young, growing horses and equine athletes. One notable partnership involved pioneering work with professor Stephanie Valberg, D.V.M., Ph.D., which resulted in the formulation of RE-LEVE®, the first low-starch feed intended for horses with exertional rhabdomyolysis, or tying-up. This alliance revolutionized the feeding of Thoroughbred racehorses, as tying-up is a frequent cause of wastage in the racing industry. Boosting Feed Quality Through Premixes Feed manufacturers worldwide rely on Kentucky Equine Research to provide expertise in formulation, ingredient technology, and quality control, in addition to technical support. At the center of these relationships with feed manufacturers lies micronutrient premixes formulated by Kentucky Equine Research. Premixes represent the nutritional core of modern horse feeds, combining vitamins and minerals in an easy-to-mix form suited for textured or pelleted formulas. By using a premix, feed manufacturers can guarantee precision in fortification for all classes of horses.

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