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December 2017


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nd we’re back! 2017 was a crazy year, and the past few weeks have been no different. This year sawme living in Belize, buying a house, and traveling all over the world — including Thailand, San Francisco, Chicago, and Hawaii, just to name a few places. As much fun as it is to travel, it’s good to be home so I can take stock of where we are and start making moves for the next year. A

That’s right, we at Design Pickle are already looking at 2018 with fire in our eyes. Here’s the thing: The holiday season is when most businesses take a break, and then they get really busy starting in January. Why wait for the new year when we can act like it’s already here? This month, we can close the book on 2017 and start getting ready for 2018, while still spending time with family and loved ones. We want to have fun this holiday season, but we also want to outperform and out-market everyone else while we do it! “We want to have fun this holiday season, but we also want to outperform and out-market everyone else while we do it!”

To be honest, we kind of already have been planning for 2018. Back in October, we did strategic planning for Q4, and “preparing to slow down” wasn’t on the agenda. We set up some fantastic opportunities for the holiday season, some of which are new marketing promos for Black Friday and for the end of this month. Our customer success training, which happens this month for our U.S.-based team, is another opportunity to seize the holidays by the horns. We’ll converge in an Airbnb mansion here in Scottsdale for a weeklong training session. It’s way cheaper than paying holiday hotel rates, and we think it’s more fun as well. The training will help us prepare for 2018. Our semi-annual sale next is next month, and we’re going to be ready for it! This month, we still have a few tricks up our sleeve, including my book launch on Dec. 11, which you’ll want to put in your calendar. You can find the book in a few places, including our new website obeythepickle. com. For more on that site, check out the insert inside this newsletter — there’s a promo code as well — or just take a look online when you get the chance. I think you’ll like what you see.

Please enjoy this newsletter and your holiday season. You know we will be enjoying ourselves in true Design Pickle fashion — by beginning the new year as early as possible!


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