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Finishing Temperature





Day: 68–75 °F (20–24 °C) Night: 65–73 °F (18–23 °C) Average daily temperature: 70 °F (21 °C) Lighting

1.0 quart (4.5 to 5 inch)

6–8 weeks

1 ppp

1.25 to 2.5 quart (5.5 to 6.5 inch, trade gallon) 3.0 quart to 2.0 gallon (7.5 to 10 inch) 1.5 gallon hanging basket (10 inch basket)

8–10 weeks

2–3 ppp

8–10 weeks

3–4 ppp

Day extension lighting: Not necessary Light intensity: 1,200–1,600 µmol·m -2 ·s -1 Day length response: Day neutral Daily light integral (DLI): 12–20 mol·m -2 ·d -1 If these recommended light levels can't be met naturally, supplemental lighting is highly recommended to improve finish quality and flower power. Transplanting: Transplant directly into the finished container. Place the rooting media slightly above the level of media in the container. Make sure that the root ball is covered and that the liner is situated in the center of the pot. Media pH: 5.8–6.2 Media EC: SME EC: 1.5–2.1 mS/cm, PourThru EC: 2.3–3.2 mS/cm Fertilizer: 200–250 ppm N Pinching: Yes, 1 soft pinch is recommend either in propagation or 7–10 days after transplant. Plant growth regulators (PGRs): PGRs are not usually required. However, if needed Birthday Bash ™ begonias respond well to sprays of Altercel ™ at 500–1,000 ppm, or sprays of A-Rest ® at 5 ppm during finishing. Moisture level: Media should be allowed to dry between irrigations. Alternate between moisture level 2 and 3. 2 - MEDIUM: Soil is light brown in color, no water can be extracted from soil, and soil will crumble apart. 3 - MOIST: Soil is brown in color, strongly squeezing the soil will extract a few drops of water, and trays are light with no visible bend. Common pests: Thrips, broad mites Common diseases: Botrytis , Tospovirus , Xanthomonas

8–10 weeks

3–4 ppp

Estimated finish crop time is from transplant of a 50-cell tray and finished at an average daily temperature (ADT) of 70 °F (21 °C). Example crop schedule for a 2.5 quart



Provide average daily temperatures of 70 °F and DLI levels above 12 mol·m -2 ·d -1 . If needed, use supplemental lighting to increase DLI.

1 week

2 weeks

Soft pinch if not done in the liner stage.

Apply a spray of copper-based fungicide for prevention of bacterial diseases. Scout for insect pests and spray as needed throughout crop cycle. Apply a spray of Altercel ™ at 500–750 ppm if needed to control growth. Apply a broad-spectrum fungicide drench to prevent late-season basal stem rot and root rot diseases.

3 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

8 weeks


Birthday Bash ™ Chocolate Cherry

Birthday Bash ™ Cotton Candy

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