Focus on Redmond - Winter 2019

Volume XXXIV No. 4 Winter 2019


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It has been my honor and privilege to serve the Redmond community for the past 16 years, first on City Council,

The Downtown Park hosts festivals, cultural and arts performances, and provides open space to the neighborhood. The line for ice cream never ends. Throughout my time as Mayor, people would sometimes ask me, “What is your greatest accomplishment?” I would usually answer by citing a recent capital project the City completed, such as extending Bear Creek Parkway, extending 164th and 161st Streets into Redmond Town Center, building Fire Station 17, or creating Smith Park in North Redmond. A memorable response to my answer came one year at Derby Days. After I mentioned some recent capital projects, the questioner said, “No, your greatest accomplishment is Budgeting by Priorities because it provides a transparent and accountable process with resident participation.” So looking to the future, my service as a Sound Transit Board member since 2008 has benefited Redmond by bringing light rail service to Downtown in 2024. I worked diligently to move the completion dates up by working collaboratively with the community and Sound Transit to select a preferred route and complete environmental review early.

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Mayor John Marchione

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followed by 12 years as your Mayor. I enjoyed meeting a variety of people, working collaboratively to solve problems, and representing Redmond in the region as Chair of the Sound Transit Board, the President of the Puget Sound Regional Council, and Chair of the Cascade Water Alliance Board. When occasionally I needed to make controversial decisions, I always kept in mind the larger perspective of what served our entire community best. When I first won election as Mayor in 2007, several people asked me, “John, can you recruit more restaurants to Redmond? I am tired of going to other cities to dine.” Rather than recruiting restaurants, I worked to make Redmond an interesting place, so that restaurants would open here. My goals included making Downtown pedestrian- friendly, completing the street grid, and creating a Downtown park. The Downtown core went from about five restaurants to more than 30.

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I am proud of the ways we have developed to truly listen and include the community’s voice in so many aspects of City government. I will treasure the experiences and stories I take with me into my next chapter. I will miss the great people who work at the City and those active in the community. Thank you for providing me this opportunity to serve you. Please say hello when you see me in the coffee shop or the grocery store. Farewell.

All my best,

John Marchione Redmond Mayor

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