UTAS Sustainability Bulletin Issue 10 2019

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ISSUE 10 November – December 2019


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5 easy ways to improve your wellbeing and the environment on campus! When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves …

4 5 While our student-led Sustainability workshops have ended for 2019, they will return in semester 1 2020. If you have a topic or idea for those workshops, share them with us via sustainability. utas@utas.edu.au. Give: Volunteer your time for the environment There are many UTAS groups offering opportunities for volunteers keen to do their bit to improve the environment: UTAS Cares, UTAS biology volunteers, IMAS volunteers, and UTAS Life volunteers. Alternatively, you may like to get involved in your local community garden on campus. Check out the UTAS Food Revolution Society or Source Community Wholefood for example. the bushwalking club, the Tas Uni Dive club and the UTAS fishing and camping club Keep learning: Attend lunchtime Sustainability workshops

The northern Sustainability team recently strutted (or pedalled) their stuff during Wellbeing Week celebrations at Newnham campus in mid-October. Our mission: To remind students of the ways that they can improve their wellbeing and the environment at the same time.

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Connect on Facebook with other like-minded staff and students interested in sustainability. Check out these pages: Students for a Sustainable UTAS and Sustainability at UTAS. Be active: Walk or cycle to university Consider cycling to campus. If you are unsure about cycling between campuses, check out Decide Your Ride, a series of online videos showing safe and ‘bikeable’ introductory routes in Hobart and Launceston. If you use public transport to travel between your home and campus, why not get off one or two stops early and enjoy a little extra walk? Take notice: Practise mindfulness when walking, i.e. bird watching and listening Spend more time in nature to reduce stress and absorb the connection. Go for a walk around campus. Check out the various natural areas within easy reach around your campus or just sit on the lawn for a few minutes and watch the clouds go by. Enjoy the environment. Just watch out for those plovers on the playing fields! If you want to actively engage with nature join the many clubs and societies including the UTAS Avian Club, 2 3

Gabrielle Stannus, Sustainability Projects Officer (North), talking with interested students about how to improve their wellbeing and the environment.

This student is pedalling up a banana-flavoured smoothie during Wellbeing Week celebrations at Newnham.


Global movement calling for climate action...


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