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Summer has ended, and school is back in session. This month, the team at APN Physical Therapy is celebrating all the hardworking teachers out there by sharing stories about some of the amazing teachers in our lives.

Nikki and I sat next to each other and did all out projects together that year. That was another special thing about Mrs. Doyle. She believed students should work together and saw how companionship helped students do well. In her class, students got the chance to teach each other, and that was really cool. Mrs. Doyle also let us throw a class party every Friday afternoon to celebrate the week and get ready for Monday. She was helpful and caring and worked hard to make fourth grade fun for all her students. Back in high school, I had the same teacher for my junior and senior English classes: Ms. Reid. She was awesome. Ms. Reid was the kind of teacher who was willing to help each and every kid. It didn’t matter how much time she had to take out of her day or even the financial cost. If Ms. Reid could help one of her students, she would. During my senior year, she even helped me deal with some personal struggles, and I could never thank her enough. She was always there for me. Ms. Reid also taught a humanities elective class, and I took it just because I loved her so much. She was a truly amazing teacher. –Genna Aguiar

Even though it’s been years since I was in school, my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, still stands out as the best. I remember she was a younger teacher, very fashionable and upbeat, who really came down to the same level as her students. She worked hard to understand our generation and never talked down to us. Mrs. Smith wasn’t incredibly strict, but she still made sure we got our work down. I remember how during parent-teacher conferences, Mrs. Smith always took the time to tell parents about her students’ strong points and where they were doing well. She made you feel confident in yourself, which is such a big deal to a nervous third grader. Mrs. Smith recognized each student as an individual and didn’t just group us together as one class of kids. When you were in her class, you felt special.

My favorite teacher was Mr. Joe Paulino. He was my high school

history teacher as well as my football coach. Mr. Paulino was a guy I really admired as a teenager. He was nice and a true gentleman. He had a way of motivating students in his class and players on the field to do their best. You couldn't help but like Mr. Paulino and want to do well for him. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to respect and admire him even more. Looking back, I realize just how great of a man he was. Mr. Paulino was a devoted husband, a great father to his kids, and a positive force in his community. He was a real example of what a man should be. When I was in fourth grade, my teacher was a woman named Mrs. Doyle, and she was the best teacher ever. My best friend, Nikki, and I were in the same class that year. A lot of teachers split friends up and make kids work with different people, but Mrs. Doyle really supported our friendship. –Peter B. McHugh

–Laura Chmielewski

Here’s to all the wonderful teachers out there. Thank you for all the work you do teaching our children every day. May this school year be one of the best.

–Gabriella Aguiar

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