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> Approved and Trusted Solutions > Over 45 Years in the Slip Ring Industry > Development and Supply Partner for Multiple Industry OEM’s > Modular Slip Ring Design Solutions Installed Globally

Are you experiencing problems with your Slip Rings & FORJ’s?... Paying too much for parts? Waiting on units to arrive? Not adaptable enough? Trouble with space requirements? ...


From welding and cable reeling slip rings through to turbine generators, bearing protection and nuclear pond lighting - BGB can help you find a rotary solution to keep your nuclear plant running effectively with minimum unplanned downtime. BGB can help you solve your decommissioning headaches, or provide you with a one-stop-shop for rotary solutions; including slip rings, cable management, fibre optic rotary joints and brush technology. Nuclear is part of the zero-carbon future that we aspire to, and BGB is poised to deliver the technology to realise this ambition. There are many environmental and installation requirements within nuclear which is why BGB’s engineers adopt a partnership approach to deliver your solution for one the world’s most challenging industries.

Rotary Solutions in Nuclear Power :

BGB has worked with well-known UK nuclear facilities to help solve their decommissioning processes, cable reel retrofits, nuclear pond lighting and handling equipment refits including robotic applications and crane slip rings. If you are looking for a custom made engineering solution, our design office can tailor hi-tech packages such as slip rings combined with rotary unions and fibre optic rotary joints.

DID YOU KNOW? BGB’s experience within the nuclear industry primarily stems from delivering high powered parabolic aluminium reflector lighting for underwater nuclear rod storage.

BGB takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and have implemented various strategies to increase its commitment to the Circular Economy (based on four principles) :

> Design out waste and pollution > Keep products and materials in use > Regenerate natural systems > Employee buy-in and engagement

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Case Study: Springfield Nuclear Fuels Challenge:​ Fit a slip ring unit capable of withstanding the harsh environments associated with roller spot welding machines for a nuclear fuel manufacturer - requirements: high reliability and lowmaintenance

Did You Know? Optimised for quality and maintenance,

BGB offers servitisation supply for customers who have demanding uptime requirements and environmental drivers. Extended warranties and a repair pool service ensure that you are never waiting for spare parts. This way of working allows our design team to optimise for quality and longevity instead of consumption and price; ensuring that we continue to provide sustainable solutions for a better world tomorrow.

BGB packages can also include optional features like: Condition Monitoring, Limit Switches, Encoders, Lightning Protection, Fibre Optic Swivels (FORJ), Cable Reel Slip Rings and Hydraulic Joints

Solution:​ 3000A bespoke design slip ring without requirement for equipment modification

Enquiries should include the following information where possible:- > Number of ways required > Load per ring (amps and voltage) or details of signals to be carried by slip rings > Speed of rotation > Mounting flange required and cable gland entry > Ambient working temperature > Cable gland entries required in base > Voltage


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