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organizations. Once the manufacturer knew we caught them in a lie, they quickly came to the bargaining table. The store ended up contributing $50,000 of the $425,000, as they should not have allowed such a dangerous vehicle to be given to customers for use in the tight confines of its store. TESTIMONIALS “I am blown away by the service I received! My car accident left me with lots of pain and stress, but Marc Lazarus, along with his wonderful paralegal Rosie Valencia, prioritized my health and turned what started off as a horrible situation into a huge relief and weight off my shoulders. A-plus service all the way!” –Rod G. “Jorge Ramirez and paralegal Sean Goedinghaus did an extraordinary job in getting me what I deserved for my car accident case. They were responsive to my calls and emails, genuinely cared about my well-being, and made me feel confident in their abilities.” –Skr R. “Thank you for all you did to help my son get the health care and funds he deserved. Fenja catered to my son (only 10 at the time) through the process. She talked to him in terms he'd understand when under oath. Teri was amazing and talked me through documents and requirements I needed to handle and file. She was a godsend during this difficult time.” –Lynnette D.

CASE RESULTS Motorcycle Accident $310,000 — Settlement on behalf of our 45-year-old client who was operating a motorcycle and struck by a car, resulting in rib fractures and liver lacerations. (Prior attorney told our client to settle for $15,000.) Automobile Collision $337,000 — Arbitration award on behalf of our pregnant client who was forced to stay in bed for four months. Plus, as a result of distress, her baby suffered in utero after a serious collision caused by another driver. The client did not go see her OB- GYN until almost a month after the collision, although she did go to the emergency room on the day of the collision. Allstate attempted to argue that the fetal distress had nothing to do with the collision because of the delay in seeing her OB-GYN. A retired judge decided the claim after 10-plus hours of testimony by our witnesses, including our expert, our client, and her husband. Product and Premises Liability $425,000 — Settlement on behalf of our 30-something client right before trial (see the Page 3 article under Case Files for further details) for a ruptured Achilles tendon caused by a defective scooter being driven in a major grocery store by another customer. The store denied they did anything wrong and so did the manufacturer of the scooter. The manufacturer denied under oath that there were any other cases similar to that, which would have put them on notice, but we determined they were lying as a result of our national contacts through several of our trial attorney

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