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breaking barriers - bringing positivity, success and happiness into your life. part-2

Having studied Personnel Management (Masters) and Economics (BA), Rukkini Sen has combinedpractical knowledgewith facilitation skills todevelopanddeliver programmeswhich meet the changing needs of business.She has attended labs on“Basic Human Lab Process”and “Diversity – Working through Differences” conducted by the Indian Society of Applied Behavioural Sciences.She has been in theTraining andDevelopment arena for over 5 years and hasworkedforavarietyofindustriessuchasIT,ITES,FMCG,EngineeringandConsulting. To build and maintain a positive attitude, one can start with these ideas:

Change is inevitable and as humans we generally resist change. Change is uncomfortable and can be stressful as well. Breaking out of one’s comfort zone and challenging set principles and beliefs can lead one to satisfying dimensions that one may have never imagined or experienced. A great spiritual thinker once asked, when we see a beautiful lotus in full bloom, do we look at the mud or the murky water surrounding it? We don’t, as we are so awed by the beauty of the lotus that it overshadows the dirt around it.This is a very impor- tant message – the flower is grown in murky condi- tions and yet at the end it grows out to be a pretty lotus. Adopt this vision in life and talk health, happi- ness and prosperity with everyone you meet and see the benefits materialize in your life.

Ask yourself:What are the principles that build a positive attitude? Answer this question as simply as possible and write them down.

Put down the benefits of being positive. Do not be vague at this point; make it real and relevant, giving examples.This will clearly help you understand why you are doing this. Strongly desire to be positive. In the morning before you get up from your bed, focus on the good and what you are going to change. Feel a sense of peace within yourself and with the outside world.

Develop the discipline and dedication to practice those principles.

founder’s note Niket Karajagi

Niket Karajagi is the founder director of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited,Pune which contributes to top corporate brands globally. He is an established international management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise & contributions. Niket is an authority on creativity & innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart from his operations background in understanding of management processes


Young and talent are two different things. It is imperative for organizations to have young talent which would create certainty for the organization’s future, as well as the drive that is so essential in today’s times.

The advantages of having young professionals in an organization are multiple.They are energetic, high on risk taking and experimentation and also willing to learn newmethods.They, along with the experienced professionals, can be an amazing combination of success. However selection and deployment of young professionals is very important.During the selection process one has to understand the programming of young minds. We are living in an age of speed and technology. Speed can create aspirations difficult to sustain and also lead to immense quality compromises.Speed canalso result inaspirations of fast growthandacquisitionof statuswhich canbe damaging for the organization and also the youngminds.Technology has provided us the boon of reducing effort levels.This canmake a youngmindmove away fromhigh effort tasks. An attitude of instant gratification can actually cause an unstable professional life. Sometimes the young minds can also underestimate the provenmethods of the past. My suggestions for the youngmindswhowant to evolve as a talent is straightforward.Firstly,smart work does notmean fast work.Smart work is an innovative style of doingworkwhich reduces time and augments quality of output.Youngminds need to have hunger for learningwhich is then put into practice.The young also need to be careful about the perceptions they create in corporate. Commitment, courage, creativity, competence and contribution to generation of wealth are the best combinations for success. Should the young mind get a mentor it can be the best boon ever. A mentor can help channelize the energy and also keep the focus on goals while ensuring transfer of life skills. Thus a mantra for success; choose your young talent well, groom them through great values and competencies and shape your organization’s future.

Look within and there would sure be young talent that can create a great future for your organization.

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A rigid mind always has a logical explanation for all it does, including how it is not being rigid

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