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TRANSACTIONS BERNHARD CAPITAL LAUNCHES AEC PLATFORM WITH INVESTMENT IN ZWEIG GROUP CLIENT GRACE HEBERT CURTIS Bernhard Capital has launched a dedicated AEC platform with an investment in Zweig Group client Grace Hebert Curtis Architecture. GHC will continue to be led by CEO Jerry Hebert and its current management team, which will retain a significant stake in the business. Zweig Group advised GHC through this transaction, and the deal team included Jamie Claire Kiser, managing principal at Zweig Group.

“This is an exciting step in the next phase of Grace Hebert Curtis’ growth trajectory,” Kiser said. “This partnership is reflective of the ambition and entrepreneurialism that Zweig Group has admired over the years in our work with Grace Hebert Curtis.” Bernhard Capital will support the ongoing growth of GHC and build on the company’s recent momentum. The firm plans to leverage its critical infrastructure services expertise with this platform to partner with the best-in-class businesses supporting the growing demand for modern, sustainable infrastructure.

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squarely into focus and prompt action as expectations for our key people change with the times. One of the things we advise as a qualifier for becoming an owner in an AEC firm is the ability to perceive, use, manage, and handle emotions i.e., have emotional intelligence. Below I’ve outlined a few of the pillars of emotional intelligence as defined by Dan Goleman. ■ Self-awareness. Being able to see how others perceive you and understanding if that aligns with your internal value system. The ability to modify our behaviors based on our setting requires a balance (without being overly self-aware!) as we understand each situation in context. ■ Self-regulation. Being able to revise a behavior in response to an emotional event. Being mindful of your long-term goals and reacting (or not) within that context. ■ Motivation. Modifying your behavior in the pursuit of a goal. This is important as ambition and motivation must work together to “better our best” and are the reason for behaving a certain way in pursuit of a goal. ■ Empathy. It may feel like it’s an overused word these days, but you have to be able to create the capacity to understand what another person is feeling or experiencing. ■ Social skills. Quite simply these are the competencies for facilitating verbal or non- verbal communication, which is so important in AEC because our people are our most important asset. When you have off-base personalities in your orbit, regulating each of these in a way that’s productive can be a challenge. As leaders we are sometimes called to action to figure out how to course correct a situation. Zweig Group has helped numerous leadership teams navigate delicate succession planning dynamics that deal with dominating or otherwise off-set personalities. My advice would be to figure out how you can collectively pursue a path to course correct or define the alternative. Will Swearingen is a principal and director of ownership transition advisory services at Zweig Group. He can be reached at

PO Box 1528 Fayetteville, AR 72702

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