101 Cliches: B2B's most notorious creative faux pas

The marketing industry is better than the ideas in this book. But clichés are still out there, so we need a reminder and maybe nowmore than ever.

Marketing used to run at a hundred miles an hour, today it’s supersonic. The temptation to reach for a stock image answer is strong. We’re trying to keep pace with businesses that need to get to market now now now! So what if the product’s not ready? Launch a Beta version! In the fray it’s easy to forget that marketing isn’t about blasting, it’s about crafting. And the agency world had better remember this because creative talent is being drawn to exciting new industries that promise soul nourishing opportunities to create. This book is full of the sort of ideas we end up with when we forget our duty to make marketing brilliantly different. This edition is dedicated to all the creative souls who’ve had great ideas and intentions killed and in desperation turned to ideas like these. Let’s kill our industry’s clichés not its creativity.

Reuben Webb


| 09

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