Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 03

Tug Across the Rock Competition

14 Crest Foods employees signed up to be on the tug-of-war team for the Tug Across the Rock Competition at the Rockin’ River Fest in Oregon on June 15th. The rain finally stopped, the river level didn’t get too high, it wasn’t too hot, and they had a solid strategy this year. There were four teams total this year, and each team had to pull on either side of the river for two minutes. The rope is hooked up to a pulley system on the back of a tractor on both sides of the Rock River so teams can pull the rope parallel to the river. The Crest Team pulled 26.5 feet in their 1st heat and 27.5 feet in their 2nd heat. These were awesome distances, but ultimately another team was crowned the champion. Great job, Team Crest - we will try again next year! Justin Guenther, James Stuckey, Catherine Larson, Chris Mooney, Mike Miller, Keith Larson, Trevor Ferry, Dylan Hanabarger, Brad Furman, Alfonzo Alvarado, Matthias Kemmeren, Eddie Ellis, Joe Neal & Christian Peterson

Summer Help Jessica Luxton, Aaron Case, Matthew Nelson, Ana Guevara, Marco Lopez, Gustavo Garcia, Cynthia Lopez, Juanita Saldana, Roman Saldana, Alexis Quintanilla, Flor Becerra, Samantha Buelvas, Kaylie Smith, Desirae Moore, Greg Kessel, Dylan Moore & Austin Norman. Not pictured: Elias Lara, Trey Winkler, Alyssa Carter, Kennidy Summers, Sam Hahn & Caleb Drew Crest was able to employ 23 kids, grandkids or siblings of employees this summer in our Production Department. We also had summer help in Building Maintenance, the Parts Room, QA & Compliance, and the West Warehouse. We appreciated the help during a busy summer and hope they all enjoyed their time at Crest Foods!

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