Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 03

young age. Guyla Pfeiffer, who retired not all that long ago, became the first ever 100 year old member of our group this year. We also took some time to remember three of our forty year friends who passed away over the course of the last year…we very much miss Neil Henert, Morine Snodgrass and Lila Burhenn. In the 72 year history of Crest Foods, we have been blessed with 18 employees who have made Crest their work home for forty or more years. We are humbled by and thankful for their dedication. Members of our forty year club are Marcia Breeden, Kim Gallagher, Andy McCannon, Tammy Williams, Steve Meiners, Connie Schumacher, Pam Kelley, Carol Milens, Chris Pfoutz, Guyla Pfeiffer, Jim Spangler, Linda Meyers, Ken Drew, Jerry Waters, Neil Henert, Morine Snodgrass, Lila Burhenn and Dick Moeller.

Mike Boatwright (left) - 8 Years Interests: Riding my dirt bike 1 thing most don’t know about me: Years ago I used to be a car painter and guitar player. Marcia Breeden (middle) - 40 years Interests: Nascar 1 thing most don’t know about me: I used to be a piano-playing Sunday School teacher on an Indian reservation in Montana. Troy Campbell (right) - 11 years Interests: Travel, mission trips, playing floor hockey, making people smile 1 thing most don’t know about me: I once was a pilot, and flew solo at the age of 16!


As the name implies, the Parts Room handles a lot of parts…8,500 of them in inventory to be exact. No doubt that is a lot of parts to keep track of, order, inventory and distribute and the Parts Room staff does a great job of doing just that. In a typical day, there will be between 50 – 70 calls from Maintenance needing a part supplied by the Parts Room. However, there is so much more to the responsibilities in the Parts Room than just parts. They ship and receive UPS and Fed Ex packages, change countless numbers of knife blades, restock the production tape and hand wrap cart, repair Bartelt clips and bag beater motors, clean glue nozzles, repair motors, rebuild gear boxes and in general make many other devices used in production work again when they need some attention. Items on the make list are drop cords, air hoses, top seal teflons and wired sucker cups. They even answer the phone when we the switch board operator isn’t here, monitor the employee entrance door and let the plant know when bad weather is about to hit. Many thanks go out to the three individuals who make up the Parts Room team that do so much every day to keep the lines running and the doors open at Crest.

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