Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 03

My Ten Year Trip by Shawneen Arreguin (Production B)

My husband Michael and I went to Cancun, Mexico. It was an amazing week of fun, food, and sights. We immediately hit the beach and met a couple from Spokane, Washington, that have a time share at the Royal Ca- ribbean Resort and are friends with the life guard. Ah, to know a local is a benefit. He took the 4 of us on a private tour to the Mayan Ruins, had lunch in a Mayan home prepared by a Mayan woman and went snorkeling

in a Sinote’ that was recently discovered. We enjoyed several buffets throughout the week with massive choices of American and Mexican cuisine. We experienced an authentic Mayan Dance show, shopped at the Market Place 29 and spent the rest of our spare time on the beach. We are very happy with our experience in Cancun and would not hesitate to go back. Thank you Crest Foods!

My Ten Year Trip by Dusty Koch (Building Maintenance)

I would like to thank the Meiners family for their generosity and for the wonderful opportu- nity they have given me. For my 10 year trip my wife and I flew out to San Diego for our honeymoon during the 4th of July. We made the most of the opportunity and took in a trol- ley ride of the city, where we learned about the history of San Diego and were able to see the sights that we didn’t even know the city had. We also were able to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time at the Coronado Beach. Out of the entire week we spent in San Diego our favorite thing that we took part in together was getting lucky enough to watch the San Diego 4th of July fireworks display from the famous USS Mid way deck. Truly the best show we have ever seen. Everywhere you looked you could see fireworks. It was truly an amazing night and a time we both won’t forget.

My Ten Year Trip by Walter Willstead (Ingredient Production A) For my ten year trip I planned a fishing trip to Papoose Lake in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin. This is about a six hour drive north from here but the weather was good. A little chilly in the morning but beautiful. There is a famous restaurant called Little Bohemia Lodge in Manitowish Wa-

ters, Wisconsin. Many years ago Little Bohemia was also a lodge. This is the lodge where the gangster, John Dillinger, had a shoot-out with the FBI in 1934. There are still bullet holes in windows from the shoot-out. Although my quest for a big musky went unfulfilled, I was able to catch some beautiful sunsets and boat trips on Papoose Lake. I enjoyed just being surrounded by nature, but I added a trip to the Wildwood Wildlife Park and Na- ture Center in Minocqua, WI, where I discovered that you can still feed the bears and deer in the North Woods! Thanks Crest Foods for a great 10 Year Trip!

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