clients. Describing the benefits that clients will receive from your service is much more powerful than telling them about yourself. NO. 4 BE CONCISE In today’s fast paced society, lengthy messages simply don’t work. Not only will your potential clients not read them, but they will miss the important information that can help them to take advan- tage of your services. In general, shorter communications will more quickly generate leads. Once a communication is written, let it sit for a while and ask yourself (1) how it fits into your overall communi- cations strategy, and (2) if there is anything you can omit and still maintain the strength of the mes- sage. This process will help you to gain a high-level perspective, as

well as, reduce your information to the core selling proposition.

wise, when you position your direct mail messaging, asking for someone to either call your cell phone or send you an email gives them options to receive more information. NO. 6 GIVE SOMETHING AWAY Another way to tackle the call to action difficulty is to offer a freebie with contact information. Many com- panies have found this to be an effec- tive strategy to collect contacts. If you have written an article, blog or white paper on dealing with a probate or how to sell probate assets, then offer


A powerful call to action is the sin- gle most important part of your pro- bate communications campaign. For some businesses a call to action may involve asking for contact information to receive a white paper on a ser- vice or a product. For others, it may involve asking for an email address to be added to a newsletter. Without a carefully worded call to action, you may lose business. Not only does your call to action need to be care- fully worded, but it needs to ask for a small, doable step for probate clients. For instance, asking for someone to provide a first name and an email address is far less of a commitment than full contact information. Like-

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Kristine Gentry, Ph.D., is the VP of Innovation at US Probate Leads, which offers probate leads to investors and realtors for counties throughout the

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Tips for Effective Communication Campaigns for Probate Businesses

by Kristine Gentry, Ph.D


ike many businesses, pro- bate entrepreneurs are most

tions campaign requires a strategy. No mailing, blog or social media effort will assist your business over the long term if it isn’t part of a con- sistent, well thought out plan to get information out to your target area. Spend some time developing your plan and stick to it. NO. 2 KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE The first step is to think about who will be receiving your informa- tion. Understanding their particular concerns and what information they want to know is what will turn a sim- ple mailing into a very happy client. Think about their “pain factors.” Do they need a quick sale? Do they need

someone they can trust? Do they need a way to sell antiques, jewelry or collector cars? Are they wor- ried about paying for an expensive funeral or medical costs? Each of these are areas that you can quickly develop into talking points for your marketing efforts. NO. 3 FOCUS ON THE CLIENT Before anything is printed or posted to the Internet, it is critical to take the time to think about what message you want to convey to your audience. Your messaging should be focused on what you can do for your potential clients rather than what you have accomplished for other

successful when they implement a strategic communications cam- paign. Unfortunately, many new probate business owners either disregard the importance of com- munications campaigns or don’t put in the effort needed to portray a professional image. Then they are disappointed when they are unsuc- cessful in probate investing. Below are 8 tips for developing an effective communications campaign that will help you grow your business:

NO. 1 BE STRATEGIC Putting together a communica-

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