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Michele Van Der Veen’s Tips for Flips

Houses literally brought us together and keep us together.

With an interior design degree and a husband who studied business with an emphasis in real estate, the Van Der Veen duo was destined for house-flipping success. Michele shares a few tips she and Ken learned along the way.


“We thrive on a challenge and function in chaos,” Mi- chele said. “I am still amazed we pulled it off!” They added flower boxes, shutters and an exterior deck, and they increased the size of the front deck to add more exterior living areas on both sides of the home. The back area couldn’t be accessed except through the garage, so they added French doors and a private outside dining area. “In all our homes, we stage everything outside when possible to create more living areas and make the property feel bigger without adding square footage,” Michele said. An iHeart Homes house is a created living environ- ment for the buyer. Michele, Ken and their crew want to present a home, not just a house. And they do that through attention to design and detail and with a pas- sion for restoring peace in neighborhoods. •

Imagine problems before they happen 1

“Try to stand back and answer every question a buyer would

ask. Address everything possible ahead of time.”

Be mindful about money 2

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“Beginning can be a financial struggle because you go through funds so fast. Pay attention to where every dollar is going.”

“Often people get rid of this color but it’s the first color our minds recall. I choose paint with a yellow tint to create warmth inside a home.” Embrace yellow 3

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