Fine Art Collector | Autumn 2018

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Editor As we move into autumn, with winter not far away, we may be mourning the loss of the long summer evenings and bright blue- skied mornings, but we have much to look forward to from the coming months. As befits the dawning of a new season, we have a plethora of forthcoming launches and releases just waiting to excite, entice and safeguard our endorphin levels against the vitamin D deprivation of the winter months. So, as we mentally prepare for cold snaps and weather chaos aplenty, we must consider how we can make our self-imposed months of near hibernation as palatable as possible. If we’re soon to be cocooned in our homes while winter rages on outside, it’s entirely sensible – nay, imperative – to make our ‘four walls’ as aesthetically pleasing as we can, to stave off cabin fever and keep life colourful. This is where we, and your local galleries, are well placed to help! From brand new artists (read on to discover who, what, where and when!) and their unseen, exciting limited edition and original work, we are proud and delighted to present our Autumn/Winter 2018 collection.

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