Fine Art Collector | Autumn 2018

WHAT WILL BE BIG IN 2019? It’s estimated that we’ll spend up to 30% of our waking life at work, so it’s vital that it’s a happy and inspiring place to be. Commercial design has evolved from the dreary office cubicles of the 1970s to the open-plan, flexible spaces of Generation Z.

“The first six weeks are the most challenging, as you have to come up with ideas and translate them for other people. However, this time is also the most rewarding because you watch your vision come to life. As a team, we face challenges - such as limited lighting or space - together and devise a solution. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see a finished gallery, and no two projects are the same.” With many of our staff formally educated in art, or artists themselves, the creative atmosphere and light, airy spaces are key to their satisfaction and wellbeing. Art consultant Freddie Wells works at our Leeds gallery. He says: “It’s like a second home to me. It’s a blessing to have such an appealing environment to walk into every day, and to be surrounded by our fantastic art.” This passion for the art we publish is what we hope to instil in every customer who walks through our doors. Whether you’re a first-time browser or a seasoned collector, our galleries are designed with your comfort and experience in mind. From plush sofas to private viewing rooms and state-of-the-art audio visual systems, they’re equipped with everything you need to find your perfect piece. “I want everyone to know they are welcome,” says Louise . “Each of our collectors is different, so I design somewhere they can connect with the art on a personal level. When you buy art from our galleries, it’s not a transaction. It’s an experience.”

technologies, for example cultural shifts with the advancements of social media. “The best examples of a modern office actively improve the health of employees through considered use of natural light and layouts which promote movement and collaboration. We’re seeing a much bigger crossover with residential themes and concepts.”

Head of design at AIS Workplace, Simon Hart, told us: “Workplace interior design moves at a rapid pace and tracks the development of new

“If you’ve got an empty space, build your home around your artwork. It will make it even more unique to you.” - Louise


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