Fine Art Collector | Autumn 2018

It’s been said that Millennial Pink represents nostalgia. In your view, what does Gen Z Yellow represent?

The first Gen Z Yellow that came out was a strong, bright yellow and, if I were to pick one word to summarise this hue, it would be ‘optimism’. Previously a lot of trend forecasters have chosen safe, muted colours, as we saw with the original Pantone pink that became known as Millennial Pink. Contrastingly, in society today there’s a lot of uncertainty and when this happens people typically choose to go in one of two directions – they either choose ‘safe’ colours that allow them to hibernate and hunker down, or they decide they want change and to see a bright, positive future and to feel optimistic. That is exactly what Gen Z Yellow is. We’re not talking about a muted yellow – this is a warm, bright and happy yellow that is full of positivity.


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