Fine Art Collector | Autumn 2018

How does the colour yellow affect human behaviour? Think about how you feel when you see the sun shining - it lifts our spirits, we feel optimistic and have a brighter outlook on life. The adverse effects of yellow can also be felt. It’s actually one of the colours people find harder to be around because too much yellow can irritate the nervous system. It’s also important to note that, when thinking about the ways in which colour affects human behaviour, we have to consider colour combinations and not just colours in isolation. For example, if you put yellow with black, straight away you’ve got a danger sign just like we see in nature, and this will impact human behaviour differently than yellow on its own.

Whilst the colour yellow can provide a refreshing burst of colour, it’s not for the faint-hearted. If you’re not quite ready to incorporate it into your home, why not try these alternative Pantone colour trends for Autumn/Winter 2018? Red Pear

Valiant Poppy

Martini Olive

Crocus Petal

Ultra Violet

Quetzal Green


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