Fine Art Collector | Autumn 2018

What’s the last photograph you took? My son in Famagusta, an area of Cyprus that was invaded by the Turkish army in 1974. It’s a fascinating, apocalyptic place to visit. Which three people (dead or alive) would you invite for dinner? The film director Stanley Kubrick, occultist Aleister Crowley and founder of the Illuminati Adam Weisthaupt. I’d want to watch the unedited version of Eyes Wide Shut after dinner, hear the true agenda of the Illuminati, and open a portal to another dimension. Favourite season? It’s got to be spring for the optimism, new growth and overall feeling of renewal. What are you listening to? I’m a fan of Turkish funk music, pseudoscientific theorist Graham Hancock and the American stand- up comedian Joe Rogan. Plus I love animal folklore podcasts. What superpower would you pick? Invisibility – just to be nosy and sneak into places I shouldn’t. Favourite colour? At the moment, I’m loving fluorescent pink – shocking and translucent with a strong pigment. It’s great to wash over other colours. Favourite artist? I’m really into Walton Ford, an American watercolour artist who plays with the early natural history illustrations of John James Audubon and Edward Lear and twists them with animal folklore, fables and allegory on a vast scale. I highly recommend his book, Pancha Tantra. Dogs or cats? In the house: dogs. Outdoors: big cats. I’ve been around dogs all my life, as my parents bred English Springer Spaniels. I also drew my first dog, Sam, when I was five and it was published in a book for schools. Favourite book? The Unexpected Truth About Animals by Lucy Cooke. ROBERT OXLEY 10 QUESTIONS WITH

Favourite film? The Revenant.


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