Fine Art Collector | Autumn 2018

I N T H E G A L L E R Y Pascale Taurua

“We’re no longer confined by an ideal standard of femininity or beauty,” explains Pascale, who lives in Paris, France. “Instead, we can celebrate our true selves through what we wear. Like painting, sculpture or dance, clothes are a way of revealing a vision.” By fusing feminism with razor-sharp observation, Pascale’s figurative pieces challenge gender stereotypes and present fashion as an art of conquest. Shoes are a symbol of sexuality, while sunglasses allow us to shield our secrets from others. Painting on canvas with extra-fine oil, she blocks in her sketch before allowing the piece to choose its own direction. Her studio walls are

adorned with drawings, photographs and images from magazines, which she uses for inspiration. Drawing upon her own hardships, Pascale channels the strength that saw her turn her back on the fashion industry and open her own art school. She says: “ Many traumatic events – including a serious car accident in which my face was severely injured – led me to figurative painting as a form of art therapy. Today, I dare to use a bolder paint and a more deconstructed style. Fashion is one of the most important means of communication and has given me back my power.”

Boyfriend HandFinishedCanvasonBoard Editionof95

CrossedLegs HandFinishedCanvasonBoard Editionof95

ImageSize28"x28" FramedSize31"x31" £595Framed

ImageSize28"x28" FramedSize31"x31" £595Framed


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