Canyon: Be Healthier, Stronger & More Active

Full range of motion! “I had a great experience with Canyon. I came in with a shattered collarbone after surgery on the second of January and finished on the 22nd of May with full range of motion. I attribute this success of my recovery to my physical therapist, Danny, and the willingness to do the homework/exercises he suggested. I look forward to a summer of golf, tennis and a full ski season afterwards!” - P.S. PATIENT RESULTS NOW OFFERING DRY NEEDLING AT CANYON SPORTS THERAPY! Dry Needling is a valuable and effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain. Patients with the following symptoms may benefit from this treatment:

• Muscle Strains • Tendonitis • Osteoarthritis

• Bursitis • Headaches • And More!

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OUR MISSION “To restore physical ability and bring out your inner athlete.”

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