Canyon: Be Healthier, Stronger & More Active


Golfing for the first time after a couple months can be tough on the body. Most people will experience soreness in their lower back, shoulders and wrists after their first time out. Before getting back into the swing of things, here are some following tips: 1. Prepare. Before hitting the green, you may want to go to the driving range a couple of times first. This will help prepare your muscles when you play a round of golf. 2. Stretch. Stretching can improve your range of motion, making it easier to swing the club. Try some of these stretches, which will warm up the muscles you will use in your golf swing. 3. Easy does it. The actual motion of golfing isn’t the only thing that strains your body during a round. Soreness can also come from walking around the course and carrying your clubs. Start the year off using a push cart or only playing 9 holes while you build up the endurance needed to play an entire round. If you regularly ride in a cart, this is likely a little less of a concern. 4. Don’t let your skills get rusty. If you’re an avid golfer during the summer, try heading out to an indoor driving range during the off season. Regular exercise, such as jogging or biking, can also keep your muscles strong and ready for the season.


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