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The Phantom Driver Know What to Do

Being accused of causing an accident is an emotionally draining situation, especially when you know you’re not at fault. I’ve seen many cases in which a driver successfully avoids an impending crash due to the carelessness of another driver but then ends up losing control and crashing. The driver that was careless often leaves the scene, and there isn’t any evidence of their existence, other than the statement of the driver that crashed. A person who was trying to avoid an accident in the first place shouldn’t be accused of causing a crash that wasn’t their fault! But, that’s often exactly what happens. The auto insurance asks the driver, “Where is the proof that this other driver existed? How do we know you didn’t just crash because you weren’t paying attention? If you or a person you know has been in a crash that was caused by another driver who left the scene, we can get you/them compensation … even if it happened up to 10 years ago. An accident caused by a “phantom driver” is when a car in the opposite lane drifts into oncoming traffic. This then causes another driver to swerve, avoiding an accident, but it can also lead to a collision with a third driver, a veer off the road, or a collision with another object, such as a telephone pole or tree. When the first driver continues to drive without stopping at the scene, they are called phantom drivers. It can be difficult to track down a phantom driver, especially in an accident where ‘Phantom Drivers’

it can be hard to remember details. However, there are distinct advantages in these types of crashes under Missouri law, and they usually result in more money for the injured parties compared to a regular car crash case.

After the Accident

Once someone has been in an accident and a phantom driver is the cause, it’s essential to call the police as soon as possible. Be sure to tell them everything you can remember about the vehicle, especially the color and make if you remember. This information will be put in the police report and can then be used to substantiate your claim that another driver caused your crash. If there were any witnesses at the scene, it’s important to get their information. In the event that there isn’t a third-party witness, some states have no laws protecting the victim; however, that is not the case for us Missourians. If you have an experienced Missouri auto accident attorney handing your phantom vehicle case, the tide turns in your direction.

existence of the other driver — that’s not the truth under Missouri law.

In the case of a hit-and-run or a phantom driver incident, there is “hidden” insurance protection in your policy that can help us recover money for you. In every insurance policy throughout Missouri, the insurance company must consider your statement about the incident as reliable evidence. My team and I invoke this part of your policy to give you the compensation you need for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Making sure that you’re aware of this hidden protection in your policy can bring you some peace of mind, and we always make sure to use it to your full advantage. If you find yourself in this type of situation or know someone that has had a crash like this in the past 10 years, I encourage you to call my office today to see if we can help.

FightingWith the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are always looking out for themselves; it’s something I’ve seen again and again with nearly every case I’ve had. They look for any excuse not to give you the money they owe you. Many insurance companies might tell you that you’re out of luck if you can’t prove the

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