Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton - March 2020

March 2020

How 2 Emerging Attorneys Are Providing Knowledge & Expertise to Their Clients


Q: What would you say is the best part about being an attorney? Devan: Definitely the work I do. I feel I have the opportunity to tell people a story and work with them to find a solution. It’s a lot of hard work; not very many people focus on medical malpractice, but I find it extremely rewarding. Advocating for people who need my help and having the chance to change lives, find solutions, and make a difference are things I thoroughly enjoy doing.

n celebration of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the invaluable work our female attorneys provide to our clients and the dynamic contributions they make to our firm, beginning with our newest lawyers: Devan Byrd and Randi McCoy. These two women are remarkable individuals who deeply care about their work, clients, and the communities in which they live and practice law. Q: Have you always been passionate about becoming an attorney? Devan: My passion for becoming a lawyer started in junior high school. For career day, I shadowed a lawyer who took me to court and started talking to me about everything an attorney does. That’s where my interest really sparked. Randi: Yes, I have. I’ve always had a heart to serve and help people in the community, and I knew if I became an attorney, then I would have that opportunity. Q: What brought you to HWNN? Devan: When I was in law school in Alabama, I clerked here for a few summers and really enjoyed everything about it. In the weeks I worked at the firm during those summers, I got to know everyone, and they supported me so much. And with my focus in medical malpractice, I knew I could bring value to the firm and the people who need our help. Randi: Hare Wynn has an amazing reputation in the legal community. I wanted opportunities to learn and grow, and the people here gave me the chance to do that. This firm has been around for a very long time, and I felt drawn to that experience and the traditions rooted here. This firm has been a great place to work, grow, and develop as a person and as an attorney.



Randi: The biggest part of being an attorney is helping people, and knowing that I can means a lot to me. My practice area in law are in the False Claims Act and representing whistleblowers who come forward seeking justice. It can be complex, and I want to do my utmost to help my clients through that process as much as possible. Q: How are you involved with the community? Devan: I’m part of the Alabama Head Injury Foundation, which provides support to head injury survivors and their families once they’re out of treatment. In addition to this, I’m also part of the Birmingham Bar Association, Alabama Association for Justice, and the Alabama State Bar. I’m also an executive of the Alabama Young Lawyer State Bar Association, where we encourage young individuals who are interested in becoming involved with the law and court. Randi: I’m an active member of the Birmingham Bar Association’s Young Lawyer Section. We have a public service aspect to our section that gives a grant to an organization in the community. Last Year, we donated to the Firehouse Ministry, which allowed them to build a shelter covering their bus stop. We also donated to Mitchell’s Place to help them expand to make room for their classroom and therapy supplies. Q: Why is helping the community important to you? Devan: It goes back to my passion and the opportunities I have here. Giving people the chance to connect with what they’re passionate about means a lot to me. I want to help people in any way that I can, both in and outside of the firm. Randi: While being an attorney is great, it is the opportunity to get involved in the community that fills my soul. Hare Wynn and the Birmingham Bar Young Lawyers are involved in many philanthropic activities each year that allow me to get out of my office and make a difference in the community.

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