Olsons Martial Arts - November 2019






My family is all about martial arts, and because of this, I was born into it. Martial arts is something that’s always been there. Ever since I can remember, it has been a part of my life in one way or another. I started training when I was 3 years old and, like my parents and brother, enjoyed it. Over the years, I really fell in love with the atmosphere and lifestyle that surrounds martial arts, especially in our school. I trained from when I was 3 until I turned 17, and in that time, I learned a lot of life lessons that have helped me even after I stopped training. The most significant thing martial arts taught me is to persevere, especially through the more difficult times in life. During my classes and training, I was never really the type of student who enjoyed competing in martial arts tournaments. Despite that, I did participate in them, and I’m actually very glad I did. They helped me a lot, even to this day. Through them, I learned how to control my anxiety, even outside the prospect of competing. My training helped me get through some really difficult times and know how to handle my anxiety in every aspect of my life. I am very grateful for that. While I don’t take classes anymore, martial arts and my parents’ school are still big parts of my life. I’m still as much a part of the business as my family, and I continue to support everything martial arts has to offer and encourage the people who pursue it. My passion for the school, I discovered, rests more on the business and front end aspect. I didn’t find my passion as the program director until a little bit after I stopped training. When I graduated college, I tried a few different areas of work before I knew I belonged back at Olson’s Martial Arts Academy. I missed the people there too much to really do anything else. So, when I was about 23, I realized, without a shadow of a doubt, my heart lies with the school, and the business aspect of it is a natural part for me.

Seeing all the families come in for their lessons is one of my favorite parts about the job. Sometimes, we’ll have a bunch of kids in the lobby, and many of them hang out with me or help me with a few projects that I’m working on. I really enjoy interacting with them in that way and having that trusting relationship with the parents. They trust me with their kids, and they trust their kids to help me out; it’s pretty amazing.

Everyone that works here at the school works hard to ensure we provide a happy and family-style safe place for everyone interested in martial arts.

– Katie Olson The fact that all of us try so hard to create that atmosphere is one of the reasons I came back here. We work toward providing for everyone and what they aim to accomplish in martial arts.



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