President’s Message

In my last letter, I told you that the Presidents of the Academy, the Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA), the International Multisen- sory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC), and Wilson Language Training (WLT) have met on a regular basis to discuss our com- mon goals and concerns in the field of dyslexia and teacher training. Our meetings have led to a better understanding of each other’s organizations and a willingness to collaborate as we continue to work with IDA. Last fall the Academy announced that it joined ALTA and IMSLEC as mem- bers of the Alliance for Accreditation and Certification of Dyslexia Specialists (known as the Alliance). This organization exists to provide a united associa- tion of organizations concerned with the accreditation of Multisensory Struc- tured Language Education training courses and the certification of graduates of these courses. Your Academy Board was unanimous in voting to join this organization whose constituents represent organizations with well-established training standards for teachers of dyslexic individuals and for those who train them. Four members of our Board are now representing us on the Board of the Alliance. The member organizations of the Alliance provide criteria and standards for quality control in the education of those individuals trained to instruct indi- viduals with dyslexia and related disorders. Our organizations share much in common regarding the standards for training dyslexia practitioners and thera- pists. Although we remain, and will remain, as independent organizations with our own certification processes, we acknowledge one another’s certifications and trainings. Ultimately, this benefits the consumer (parents, administrators, and teachers) informing them as to the training requirements for competent teachers and therapists of dyslexic individuals agreed upon by well-established organizations. The combined strength of the organizations in the Alliance can influence the field of reading instruction and the accepted standards for teach- ers of dyslexic individuals and for those who train them. ALTA, IMSLEC, WLT, and the Academy agree that a practicum supervised by a highly qualified trainer is an essential component of teacher training. Under Academy standards, all training must be conducted by a Fellow. In practice, this is a limiting factor in providing quality instruction and supervision over the period of the practicum as a Fellow can only provide effective supervision to a small number of trainees in each training cohort. We all agree that there is a need for more teachers trained to work with dyslexic students, but for this to happen, we need more Fellows to carry out this training. Becoming a Fellow takes time, as it requires an experienced practitioner to learn how to train teachers in the Orton-Gillingham Approach and how to su- pervise and maintain a practicum. For those of our Fellows who are currently training, I urge you to encourage your Certified colleagues to consider learn- ing how to train other teachers by becoming Fellows-in-Training. All Fellows need to train at least two more Fellows if we are to grow as an organization by

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The purpose of the Academy is to es- tablish and maintain the highest profes- sional standards for the practice of the Orton-Gillingham Approach. We certify practitioners and accredit practitioner training programs and student instruc- tional programs that use the Approach to address the language-based learning difficulties associated with dyslexia. The Academy is also active in profession- al development and public awareness. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Sheila Costello, President Marcia Mann, First Vice President Susan Santora, Second Vice President Rosalie Davis, Treasurer Theresea Petersen, Secretary Mary Briggs

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