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Life is about constant learning. It’s easy to think that when you leave school and move on to a job or career, the educational experience ends. But the truth is, learning never ends. As kids head back to school this season, it’s important to remind them of the importance of education. It’s not just about the curriculum and the homework. It’s about growing and becoming a better person. It’s about finding yourself. Education is more complex than we often give it credit for. When I think back to all the things I’ve learned over the years and how they relate to my professional career, I can’t pinpoint one thing, or even a handful of things, that have had a major influence on my life. Rather, it’s a combination of many lessons. It’s a lot of little arrows that have come together to form something much greater. I think that’s true for many people. Our lives are filled with small moments and lessons, mixed in with traditional education and training, each one representing a different arrow. What you get out of your education and life’s learning experiences is all dependent on your perspective. For instance, some people see education as a chore, and they want to get through it and move on to the next thing as soon as possible. There are a lot of reasons behind this mindset, but when you can find the right motivation, education transforms into something greater. When you have the right mentors or you are pursuing a field of interest you truly love, or both, the possibilities are endless. That’s what education became for me. Honestly, if I could make a career out of it, I would stay in school. Maybe I would earn a law degree or learn more about hands-on physical medicine and the healing arts in general. A LIFETIME OF EDUCATION

chiropractics, and the healing arts. These areas of medicine go hand in hand with dentistry, treating TMJ, and even sleep apnea. It’s remarkable how different disciplines come together like that. There are so many fields of study that have nothing to do with dentistry that have impacted my career. When I was a middle schooler without any inkling of becoming a dentist, I was involved in model-making, woodworking, chemical drafting, photography, and more. While not all of these directly carried over into adulthood or my career, they definitely stuck with me. They left me with a greater attention to detail, fine motor skills, and an eye for beauty, which all are applicable to dentistry. My advice to young people, and really anyone, is to find your passion and embrace the learning experience. You will discover truly remarkable things about the world and yourself. - Dr. Tony Butchert

These may very well be topics I learn about in the future. I may not go back and get a law degree, but I may explore hands-on physical medicine,


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