RV_910012_Diesel Cooktop Data Sheet

Cooking Solutions for the RV Market Recessed Diesel Cooktop

Feed Your Adventurous Spirit Cooking Solutions for the RV Market

Recessed Diesel Cooktop

n No open flame

n Robust, high quality CERAN cooking surface

Diesel Cooker X 100 control

n Easy to use and to clean

n Low current and fuel consumption

n Altitude function for optimal use in mountains

n Hot plate indication light

n Diesel-fueled, directly fed from the tank

n Easy installation thanks to compact size

How the diesel cooker works The heat generated by the fuel combustion process is transferred to the ceramic surface, and the exhaust gas is directed out of the vehicle through an exhaust gas line inside the cooling air line. The vapor content of the exhaust gases therefore do not give rise to greater humidity in the vehicle. The diesel cooker’s heat output is continuously adjustable. In addition a cooling fan in the ventilation box ensures that the temperature does not reach a critical limit in the installation area. Hot air is drawn off through the cooling air line. Make all of your favorite dishes inside!

Technical specifications:

Diesel Cooker X 100

Part Number


Cooking power (kW)

0.9 - 1.9

Power consumption (A)

0.3 (max. at start-up approx. 8 A for 4 min.)



Fuel consumption gal/h (l/h)

0.24 -.05 (0.09 - 0.18 )

Start-up time (min)

~ 3

Rated voltage (V)


Dimension of CERAN ® hot plate L x W x H (mm) Dimension of protective casing L x W x H (mm)

18“ x 12“ x 2“ (466 mm x 316 mm x 50 mm)

22“ x 14“ x 7“ (565 mm x 366 mm x 172 mm) .78“ waste air nozzle (2 cm)

17.5 lbs. (8 kg) Hot Plate 3 lbs. (1.5 kg) Casing

Weight lbs. (kg)

Quick, drop-in installation Nearly silent operation



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