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T raveling is one of my great experience all of it — but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Visiting different places gives me a chance to see new sights, taste new foods, and experience new cultures. It’s also, and this is a big one for me, an opportunity to break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Everyone who knows me knows that I struggle to “turn off.” As an entrepreneur, I’m fully invested in my practice. Being an attorney is something I love dearly, so it can be difficult for me to separate myself from my profession. In today’s world, you’re never really off the clock, because clients and staff are always just a phone call, email, or text message away. Most of the time, that’s a huge blessing and makes our lives easier, but it can prove pesky when you just need a break. For me, physically getting away from it all is one of the best ways to truly disconnect from work. Costa Rica has become my favorite place to do that over the years, which is why I refer to it as my “happy place.” When I’ve been spending a little too much time burning the midnight oil — as I said, I can’t help it — passions. The world is so big and vast that none of us will ever get to IN TODAY’S WORLD, YOU’RE NEVER REALLY OFF THE CLOCK, BECAUSE CLIENTS AND STAFF ARE ALWAYS JUST A PHONE CALL, EMAIL, OR TEXT MESSAGE AWAY. MOST OF THE TIME, THAT’S A HUGE BLESSING AND MAKES OUR LIVES EASIER, BUT IT CAN PROVE PESKY WHEN YOU JUST NEED A BREAK.

The Importance of Taking a Break


I’ll realize that it’s time for a trip to my happy place. It’s become such a tradition that all of my team members know exactly what I’m referring to when I use the phrase. The natural beauty and wildlife of Costa Rica takes me out of my daily routine and allows me to appreciate a simpler kind of pleasure. After all, it’s hard to worry about how many unread messages are in your inbox when you have monkeys outside your window and a rainforest just beyond your door. It reminds me that there’s more to life than “go, go, go.” While I’m there, I have an honest-to-goodness chance to relax. When I get back, I’m refreshed and reinvigorated. The kids also love Costa Rica. Philip and I must be pretty lucky, because they’re great travelers. Come to think of it, it’s funny that I value traveling as a chance to get away from my electronic devices because these devices are essential when traveling with our kids. It’s amazing how the kids can sit on a plane for hours as long as they have their little gadgets to keep them busy. Clearly, we always make sure we bring the chargers for flights. I wouldn’t want to see what would happen if our iPad died while on a long flight — and I don’t think the flight crew would want to see it either.

When in Costa Rica, I make sure to give the kids a push to use their Spanish skills. For whatever reason, they’re very shy about the fact that they speak Spanish fluently. At home, they hardly, if ever, speak Spanish. So when we land in Costa Rica, I have a habit of playing dumb. I pretend there’s no way for us to communicate unless the kids speak in the native language. If they want us to eat, they need to order. They’re usually reticent at first, but after a few days, they are speaking like they’ve lived there all their lives. Getting to rely on them in this way, even if it’s not absolutely necessary, is one of the coolest parts of every trip. I hope everyone reading this has their own happy place they can escape to from time to time. It may not be another country — heck, it may even be right here in Atlanta — but everyone needs a space to relax. If you can manage to create that atmosphere without needing to travel thousands of miles from work, more power to you.

–Lashonda Council- Rogers, Esq.


THE 2 HUGE CONCERNS THAT MAKE TRUCKING ACCIDENTS UNIQUE Tractor trailers, big rigs, semis, 18-wheelers — whatever you call them, we’ve all had to share the road with long-haul commercial vehicles. For the most part, we don’t think much about how different these massive trucks are from regular cars. When it comes to accidents, though, those involving semitractor-trailers are so different from regular cases that they’re basically in their own category. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that truck drivers and their vehicles must be compliant with industry regulations. Because of their weight — a truck can carry up to 20 times the weight of most passenger cars — and the danger that accompanies hauling giant loads, trucks are subject to strict laws. Nobody should get behind the wheel of a big rig without undergoing thorough training and a background check. In addition, the trucks themselves must be diligently inspected before a driver heads out on the road.

On March 8, people around the world will honor International Women’s Day. Adopted by the United Nations in 1975, the holiday is meant to highlight the immeasurable accomplishments of women throughout history and draw attention to the ongoing struggle for global gender equality. International Women’s Day is celebrated differently around the world. Some nations, like Nepal, give all their citizens the day off. Most countries, however, including the United States, treat it as a normal day, at least officially. Even though we don’t have the day off, there are many ways for everyone to honor International Women’s Day this year. Here are a few of them. TALK ABOUT THE WOMEN WHO INSPIRE YOU From major innovators, like Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, to megalithic literary icons, like Maya Angelou, women throughout history have shaped how we live our lives. Whether you’re inspired by famous historical figures or the women in your own life, take the time to talk about that influence. Which women helped get you where you are today? What female leaders do you look up to? What are some lessons you’ve learned from them? MAKE ROOM FOR CONVERSATION IN THE WORKPLACE Many of the challenges women face globally happen in the workplace. If you think your company has room for improvement in its treatment of women, now is a great time to do something about it. Even if you believe your company treats women and men equally, there’s no harm in empowering your colleagues to talk to give their opinions. If you’re an employer, this could mean giving women in your workplace an avenue to discuss issues, air grievances, and make suggestions. If you’re an employee, consider asking for such a forum. In either case, providing both public and anonymous avenues for women to express themselves is a great way for your company to take a step forward in fostering gender equality. JOIN THE CONVERSATION Regardless of your gender, March 8 is the perfect time to tune in to the larger conversation surrounding gender inequality, if you haven’t already. This could mean attending meetings or demonstrations in your town, reading works that capture the female struggle for equality, such as Roxane Gay’s “Difficult Women,” or seeking out blogs and social media accounts from gender equality activists online. International Women’s Day is about appreciating the contributions of women to society and envisioning a more equal world for the future. However you decide to celebrate women this March, keep in mind that no matter who you are or where you come from, we all have the power to change our world for the better. 3 WAYS TO HONOR INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY

The second factor that makes trucking accidents different from regular car accidents is the fact that truck drivers

have different obligations while on the road. Rather than simply being a commuter, truck drivers are working when they drive. As such, they are not simply representing

themselves when they’re on the road; they’re also representing a company.

When an accident does happen, these extra considerations lead to increased scrutiny of drivers and their companies. In a traditional accident, fault is found with the parties responsible, but trucking cases can involve taking action against trucking companies and the actual manufactures of the trucks. For instance, if a company didn’t properly vet a driver who ends up causing an accident, the company can be held liable.

Understanding trucking regulations and determining who is at fault in a case are confusing matters that are difficult to navigate. That’s why it’s so important to hire an attorney experienced

in trucking accident law. You deserve to receive the highest possible payout for your case, but you won’t get it on your own or by working with a cut-rate attorney. Call our office today to learn about our experience and approach to trucking accident cases. There’s too much at stake to settle for anything less.







On March 2, Read Across America Day is celebrated by students, teachers, and community members in towns throughout the country. They chose that date to pay homage to one of the most beloved children’s authors who was born that day: Theodor Geisel. That name may sound unfamiliar to you, but “Dr. Seuss” should ring a few bells. His name alone is so associated with literacy that in 2007, the author of an article in U.S. News & World Report that chronicled the history of 1957 — the year “The Cat in the Hat” was published — wrote, “Greece had Zeus — America has Seuss.” In 2001, Publisher’s Weekly released a list of the bestselling hardcover children’s books of all time in the U.S. Of the books in the top 100, Seuss authored 16, which is more than any other author

on the list by a long shot. But Seuss did not break into the children’s literature industry easily.

Seuss and his nearly 50 children’s books almost never got off the ground. His first children’s book, “And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street,” was denied by more than a dozen publishers. Legend has it that Seuss was on his way home to burn the manuscript when he ran into an old friend who suggested another publisher. The rest is history. Given the enthusiasm for reading Dr. Seuss has fostered in children for the past eight decades, it’s no wonder the National Education Association chose his birthday to mark a day dedicated to celebrating reading. After all, he’s often quoted as saying, “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read with a child.”

JUST ADD HONEY TEA COMPANY When Brandi and Jermail Shelton founded Just Add Honey Tea Company in 2006, they began as a tea company that only operated online. But their high-quality teas, welcoming branding, and excellent service weren’t destined to remain exclusively digital forever. They opened a pop-up shop in 2014, quickly followed by a permanent location at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. Just this year, they opened a second location right by the Beltline in the Old Fourth Ward. Just Add Honey describes their stores as “a modern mix of retail and relax.” They specialize in loose leaf teas from all over the world, sourcing only the finest ingredients. In addition to the best tea in town, they also serve delectable pastries and other goodies. The Sheltons are dedicated to spilling the tea on tea (pun intended) throughout the city and beyond. They regularly teach classes, host events, and create signature, customized parTEAs for interested customers. Despite its millennia-long history as one of the world’s most popular beverages, tea hasn’t been given much love here in America. High-end cafes are everywhere you turn, but most of them are decidedly coffee-focused. Just Add Honey offers Atlanta a place that is fun and comforting in equal measure — exactly what a good cup of tea should be. Local Business Spotlight

To learn more about Just Add Honey Tea Company and the Sheltons, visit







For diehard Falcons fans, having to host the Super Bowl just two years after losing the big game in a heartbreaking fashion may have been a hard pill to swallow. But for everyone who did attend the

game, there was something that went down a whole lot easier: the prices of the concessions. That’s because the Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium is leading the way when it comes to offering fans food and drink items that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

NFL teams are following suit. “It’s not hard to figure out that if you listen to the fans [and] you do what they ask, they’ll deliver,” says Falcons CEO Rich McKay. Believe it or not, offering fans hot dogs, burgers, and beers that don’t break the bank is a recipe for happy guests and incredible sales volume. The fact that the stadium didn’t raise their prices for the Super Bowl is commendable; the fact they reduced the food prices in the first place is revolutionary.

If you’ve ever been to a game, you know the cost of admission is just the beginning of the money you’ll be spending. Not long ago, it was standard to pay many times more for concession items inside a stadium than you would anywhere else. These prices were a consistent source of frustration for fans, but nobody was eager to buck the trend. Nobody, that is, until Falcons owner Arthur Blank decided to make a change.

concession policy to go along with it. “I said to our management team, ‘We need to price it the same way they would pay any place else they went in the city of Atlanta,’” Blank told CBS in 2017. That single brave decision is leading to an overhaul of the way stadiums think about treating their guests. The “fan-friendly” pricing model has been an unprecedented success. The Falcons have led the league in every food and beverage sales category since adopting the policy. Unsurprisingly, other

When the Falcons opened their new stadium, Blank decided they would create a “fan-friendly”




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