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a three-ingredient pineapple ice cream recipe will bring you back to a hot, summer day of digging into Dole Whip. The smoked turkey leg and soft pretzels will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters in your home. Create a menu with family favorites and make those delicious Disney dishes that are sure to be nothing short of magical.

idea your own. For starters, I just learned about a video game called Disneyland Adventures (for Xbox or PC). In it, users actually go to the park — virtually, of course — and complete various missions while in the park as a visitor! You can even meet with the characters and get their autograph. Sounds pretty cool, right? But if video games aren’t your family’s style, you could also host a movie marathon. Have each member of the family choose their favorite Disney movie and dedicate one night to that movie. Whether you go all-out with themed snacks in the family room or everyone snuggles up on the couch for a Disney classic feature, I’m sure this will be a hit for the whole family. I already can’t wait until we can go on a real vacation again. But until then, I’m thankful to live in the era that we do. The technology of 2020 makes it possible to turn your home into “the most magical place on Earth.” I can’t wait to hear about your celebrations!


All you need for this idea is a computer, some speakers, and your imagination. Start by streaming Disney’s park collection on Spotify or Apple Music. Once the perfect soundtrack is pumping into your living room, jump over to YouTube where you can find numerous point of view videos of classic and new rides. (By the way, you can also find videos for virtual reality devices! They feature the fun of a theme park without the crowds.) Plus, you can even tour recent additions to prepare for your next adventure — when it’s safe to travel again! I can’t guarantee that your little thrill-seeker will think this matches up to the real thing, but it can get you a little closer to the scenery.


There are a few ways you can pull this off, and depending on the kind of adventurers you have in your family, you can make this

Ice, Ice, Lawsuit


Sometimes, there is such a thing as “too much ice.” You’re sipping your cold beverage when suddenly, it’s gone far quicker than you expected. All you’re left with is a cup full of ice. It’s disappointing, for sure, but is it so disappointing that you would want to file a lawsuit against the company that supplied the beverage? That’s exactly what Stacy Pincus did in 2016. She ordered an iced coffee from Starbucks, only to find “too much ice” in her drink. The lawsuit, filed in Chicago, alleged that the drink was advertised as a 24-ounce beverage, but once the ice was factored in, Pincus and her lawyers claimed the drink was really only “14 fluid ounces.” “Starbucks’ advertising practices are clearly meant to mislead consumers when combined with the standard practice of

filling a cold drink cup with far less liquid than the cup can hold,” the suit claimed. NBC News reported that Pincus sought damages to the tune of $5 million against the coffee chain. “The plaintiff would not have paid as much,” her lawyers stated in a court document, “if anything, for the cold drinks had she known that they contained less, and in many cases, nearly half as many, fluid ounces than claimed by Starbucks. As a result, the plaintiff suffered injury in fact and lost money or property.” Starbucks’ response: “Our customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component of any ‘iced’ beverage. If a customer is not satisfied with their beverage preparation, we will gladly remake it.” The company also

reaffirmed that you can order any iced beverage with “light ice” and receive half the ice normally included. Interestingly, a second lawsuit against Starbucks popped up in Los Angeles a few months later, but both cases were thrown out. Pincus never saw a cent of that $5 million, nor did she recoup her attorneys’ fees. The case went on to be called “one of the most frivolous lawsuits of 2016.”

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