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Down Under to the Lone Star State

Julie Hutt Helps Animals Around the World

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match. After graduating again, Julie went right to work at different zoos around the country.

My name’s Stanley, and once upon a time, I was an unattached, single cat who liked to prowl from town to town, looking for the ladies. In other words, I was a stray without a place to call home. That’s how I ended up at Town & Country Veterinary Clinic. Unlike other animals, I wasn’t too worried about ending up at the vet. Everyone there is pretty cool, but Julie Hutt, the executive director at the practice, was my favorite person. Fortunately, she was smart enough to recognize how special I am. In 25 years of practicing veterinary medicine, I was the first pet she took home. Julie has also traveled a lot over the years, though she’s gone a lot farther than I have. After getting her bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology and management, Julie spent a year in Australia working for the national parks and wildlife services. She traveled the outback, working with saltwater crocodiles, hairy-nosed wombats, wild camels, and tons of other animals. And that was only the beginning! After leaving Australia, Julie worked with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and did a lot of fieldwork. It turns out, though, fieldwork isn’t as hands-on as you’d think. Julie spent a lot of time tracking and observing before she realized she wanted to work somewhere she could really connect with animals and help them get better. This inspired her to get a second degree, this time in veterinary medicine, from Colorado Mountain College. Being in the medical field runs in Julie’s family. Both her parents were in human medicine, and medicine always interested her. Pairing this interest with her lifelong love of animals was a perfect

Did you know that when you work in a zoo you have to travel around to locations that need help? I

didn’t. Julie worked in Florida, Idaho, California, and Indiana all in a span of just eight years. Wow — I liked to roam about, but that sounds exhausting, even to me! Julie decided to settle down and found an opportunity to get into dog and cat medicine here in Texas 11 years ago. Seven of those years have been spent at Town & Country with Dr. Nelson. True story: When Julie and Dr. Nelson worked at another hospital together a long time ago, Dr. Nelson said that if he ever bought his own clinic, he wanted Julie to manage it. Julie didn’t expect that phone call to ever come, but she was pretty happy when it did. After working with just about every animal you can think of, Julie says she really enjoys having a clinic home base to take care of. Julie has a hand in helping the hospital staff run smoothly, making sure the patients are well cared for and working to take care of the community as a whole. A lot of people come through the doors in need of help, from families with a sick dog to stray cats looking for a place to call home. It’s pretty cool that Julie is there to help them all.



Treating Your Pets Like Family



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